Nmixx Sale on Gaon and explanation

  • Alot of people has made lot of threads last week regarding Nmixx sale on Hanteo. So, I'll try to explain below.

    So, Nmixx sale is out on Gaon now. It's 374k. OK, before people got confuse on how they have 406k on hanteo but only 374k on Hanteo. They sold like 20k ish after March, so that will tally for April.

    Nmixx sale kinda similar to Lisa. I guess JYP decide to ship these albums to most Hanteo Certified store only, so what you see on Hanteo will most likely their Gaon sale, just like Lisa.

    This somewhat explained their sale. Still they are selling better than IVE and Kepl1er. Good for them. I don't think they will reach Itzy number which at 560k on Gaon. Hope this somewhat clear up some question.

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