Let's Just Axe Kpop Award Shows

  • I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion because there are many success stans or just normal kpop stans that want their fave's success to be acknowledged that thrive off the year end awards, or people who just enjoy the drama of it all, however with the present state of kpop award shows I think they should just be done away with have more year end festivals where there's no voting, no drama, no fighting, no rigging, no robbery, just performances and collabs

    Why have I come to this conclusion? Well...

    the kpop industry and culture simply can't foster non-toxic award shows. If you try and award groups on artistic merit (which is already difficult because of how manufactured and homogenous kpop music is) and you don't award the most popular groups, their fans will throw a fit, saying the show is biased and demand you give awards based on objective criteria like charts, sales, or voting. But if you only give out awards based on these objective criteria, the same groups will win over and over again at every show and it becomes predictable and boring as nobody else has a chance to win.

    Why do we need to have an official award ceremony for the person that had the most successful song of the year, most successful group of the year, etc.? we already know who it is, that's an achievement in itself, do they really need a trophy to make their achievements real?

    Also must we really make idols sit in uncomfortable plastic chairs for like 4 hours, not allowed to move or even make an expression and force them to watch a million performances?

    🍒 Chee~eer~ish 🍒


  • Why stop at kpop award shows? Dump them all. It's all bullshit.

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