K-Drama Questions

  • 1. Most of the time Kdramas are filmed as they air. That's why when some dramas are extremely popular, they might be extended by 1 or 2 episodes (an example is The Red Sleeve that is currently airing). Sometimes the drama might have completed filming before it airs like My Roommate is a Gumiho that aired this year.

    2. There are different titles because sometimes the Korean title can be translated to English in multiple ways. There are also some dramas where the Korean title doesn't give an idea about the drama or make a lot of sense in English so those dramas get an English title

  • 1. Yes, some dramas premiered while shooting others after filming. What genre do you like? Recent dramas like penthouse, hometown cha3x, vincenzo and goblin as well they premiered while shooting. While yumi cellls, hometown, jirisan, they premiered months after filming. It think it depends on the production company. I once read an interview of Gong Yoo he said he doesn't like shooting while airing kinda drama so he was hesistant at first to accept goblin. Something like that.

    2. Yes, changing title is very common. Like The veil (black sun in korean), beyond evil(monster in korean), not sure why

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