Do you think kpop would be popular if idols could freely and openly date from the moment they debut?

  • "kpop is not famous for dating, but only for obsessive fans reacting to dating." :pepe-use-head:

    the only thing that interests me is when, how and why this negative attitude towards dating arose.

  • I don't think it would. There are some that enjoy kpop for the music but I don't think that's the majority, I think the fantasy of hot single idols sells and it sells well, parasocial relationships make a lot of money for companies, especially when you target a certain audience.

    I think Kpop would still be popular but for different reasons, maybe visuals wouldn't get that much attention instead, more talented idols would get the attention they deserve and that'd be so cool.

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  • dating as a popular person has its own implications as well. I think its honestly a side step if they are allowed to date or not. The true harm comes from if one does date and people try to break it apart or when one doesn't want to date but are forced to.

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