Ex. KPop idols/trainees who got pretty pissed?

  • Inspired by a thread of godkingteshub

    Do you know any ex. trainees or ex. Kpop-idols who got pretty pissed/upset after leaving KPop?

    Here are some people I have in my mind and what their reason were to be upset or pissed:

    • On Produce 101 Japan season 1 Shion who debuted with the winner group JO1 said he was for about a year under FNC Entertainment and he felt pretty upset that he had to leave cause his Korean wasn't so good. If he hadn't left the company he would most likly be in P1Harmony now since he trained in FNC with a few of their members and even became friends with Soul
    • Heecho, Youghoon and Yondong from the JPop-group Orbit said on Produce 101 Japan season 1 that they were pretty dissapointed with how low liked their former group HALO was in Korea. Since they had more fans in Japan than Korea and were able to speak Japanese, all 3 decided to try their luck to re-debut in Japan
    • June from Orbit is an ex. KPop-trainee and felt pretty bad for how he was treated in Korea, especially for what the judges said about him on Produce 101 X but he didn't wanted to just give up his dream because some people were mean to him in Korea so he decided to try again on Produce 101 Japan
    • On Produce 101 Japan season 2 Shogo who had joined the winner group INI said he was pretty upset that he had to leave CUBE Entertainment and said CUBE would refuse to debut trainees older than 20 and so he was kicked out as he turned 20. He just worded it "I guess they just didn't wanted to debut a boygroup at that time I guess"
    • Noa said that before he debuted in Japan he was a trainee under YG Entertainment for over 7 years and was pretty pissed how much he got ignored by literally everyone in YG. If he asked stuff nobody listened to him and only 1 produced cared that he even existed, wich sounds pretty bad since it was said that at the time Noa was under YG he was called out as a "secret talent" by his singing, dancing and look. Noa said he was mad how he knew that trainees who arn't under YG as long as him would debut before him and so he decided to leave the company and return to Japan
    • Literally every Chinese or Taiwanese under SM Entertainmenrt ever had their problems with the company. The ex. China-line of EXO for example was even so pissed that they tried to sue SM but totally failed their atemts to sue them. Amber who was with f(X) even said that SM forbite her to literally be herself and she said when she had ideas for songs and wrote lyrics they told her to not release it as a song or totally changed it before she could use it as a song. SM's staff even told Amber how she wasn't even worth anything and she started to get in a lot problems with them because they didn't liked what she was doing.
    • Literally all members of Stellar where pretty upset about everything after the group disbanded and said they really hatted how they had to be the "sexy" group all the time and said they were payed like almost no money ansd said in the 7 years they were under their agency they only earned 1.000$ each wich means each girl only got payed around 12$ in a month
    • After Sunghyun left IN2IT he got extremly mad and pissed cause they foreced him to pay a "demage" worth 300.000$. Sunghyun said he wasn't payed anything as he was in IN2IT and he dosn't got a job that could pay it off aswell as the fact his family can't even help him since his mom never worked before and his dad was too sick to work. After a lot of complaints his agency lowered the 300K to 160K (wich I think is still unfairly high since he has no savings he could use to pay and when he works he most likly needs the money he earns for himself so he most likly only finishes paying off the dept in 50 years ...)
    • After Crayon Pop disbanded Choa said in an interview with a Youtuber that she was pretty upset from the moment on her agency got a new CEO who totally ruined the company and she said that she had a lot troubles at the time she decided to not to renew contracts to the agency but as she left them she felt very happy for her decisions she made

    Do you have anyone else?

  • Also I would imagine many female trainees.. the pressure they face to keep weight, look pretty/plastic surgery.. I remember reading about Stella Kim, who would have debut with girls generation, but her parents refused to sign the contract... worried about how it would impact her mentally and physically. I think she had eating disorder, something like being 5'7 and 90 pounds. I recall Momo even saying she was told she had to lose certain about of weight.. I think all she had was ice cubes for a week.

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