Idea - Organize AKP Cookbook Team

  • See an opportunity to cause a AKP Cookbook of Member's recipes. Comfort food, go to meals, Bakery, Deserts, International, Gourmet through Street Food recipes. Publish it in the Lexicon.

    Suggest a Team cause of potential work load.

    My suggestion would use the AKP Food Contest as a model. Consisting of Users own recipes. Things they cook and bake.

    Up to the Team to decide, be careful not to become a Pinterest. Although AKP Pinterest would work. Xd

    My example is a Comfort meal. I have made it a number of times. Cause I'm not going to make it and take pictures of it to submit for the AKP Cookbook. My recipe using a photo found online.

    Hotdog Mashed Potato and Cheese.

    • 8 - Hot Dogs
    • 6 cups of Mashed Potato (creamy texture)
    • 16 slices - Cheese (favorite cheese(s))
    • Steak sauce

    Directions - Cook Hot Dogs and Mashed Potato. Slice the Hot Dogs in half lengthwise.

    While the Hot Dogs and Mashed Potato are hot. Place two halves next to each other on a cooking sheet. Cover hot dog halves with 3/4 cup of mashed potato. Place cheese slices on top to mashed potato.

    Broil in the Oven until cheese has melted.

    Plate as much as you can eat. Try a little Steak Sauce or favorite meat sauce.

    hint - can re-heat in microwave. In fact to get a very hot meal, zap it for a minute.

    Recipe by - 4NIA4

    What you think?

  • Can Start Now with a AKP Chef recipe submit thread. Allows time to coordinate a Lexicon publication.

    What is a good Thread Title to use for getting AKP members to post up their Recipes and a Picture?

    Mine are too utilitarian to be interesting. Also anyone can start the thread.

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