From this.... to this....

  • He can (return to the YGe Agency HQ Building) if he wants to (YHS).

    He still the main shareholder after all.

    Yes , what you said it , is my *guess* on it too ... Although , I have *wondered*

    if that say NAVER firm TOP MANAGERS have some *say* in just what that

    YANG HYUN SUK does it in the near future ... BUT also , my GUESS is that

    YANG HYUN SUK will WAIT until the PROSECUTOR decides to ARREST HIM

    in the 'B.I / HAN SEO HEE' situation or NOT ... Which , was GUESSING some PROSECUTOR decision would be made by say JULY 1st of this year (2021).

    So 'LIZVIP' , you have to SAY now (or not) ... Here it comes , once more ...

    Do YOU think that YANG HYUN SUK will be working from a 'Power'

    CORNER OFFICE in the New YGe HQ Building when CHRISTMAS Year 2021

    does come around ... What IS your best guess ... YOU have to GUESS ??? ... :wink:

  • The agreement with BH is only for 5 years, we will see what happen after that

  • lizvip <--

    About YANG HYUN SUK (YGe Agency) , I am thinking , IF he is NOT ARRESTED ...

    In the 'B.I / HAN SEO HEE' Police Investigation situation , THEN it seems to me ...

    That it would be OKAY for YANG HYUN SUK to get a 'Power' Corner Office ...

    In the New YGe HQ Building ... He would be INNOCENT ... Other than the situation

    of CASINO GAMBLING in the USA ... Which , Don't ALL S.KOREANS *Dream*

    to have their 'SINS STAY IN LAS VEGAS' ??? ... ^^

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