HAN SEO HEE (T.O.P ex-GF) <-- *3 YEARS in PRISON* for HSH (possible) ??? , COURT Proceedings ; 2021.06.09

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    HAN SEO HEE to attend first court hearing (Trial) today ; 2021.06.08

    Involving her second illegal drug use offense Probation Evaluation (involving T.O.P)

    The *Next* HAN SEO HEE Court Hearing (Trial) Event is July 23, 2021.

    At that time , PROSECUTORS are to present *new evidence* as to

    WHY that they want the PROBATION of HAN SEO HEE to be REVOKED.

    So , PROSECUTORS will be arguing that HAN SEO HEE did VIOLATE

    her current PROBATION situation , involving her FAILED PEE TEST

    that took place in July 2020. HAN SEO HEE spent 30 days in a

    HOLDING JAIL Cell (released in Sept. 2020) as a result of that situation.

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    Personally , I would choose that (HSH) HAN SEO HEE does *retain* her current PROBATION situation ... Which is due to (finish) expire in Oct. 2021 , after 4 Years Duration of HSH doing a ILLEGAL DRUGS PEE TEST , once per month ... The reason being that HAN SEO HEE did *pass* successfully the *more accurate* ILLEGAL DRUGS *HAIR TEST* (showing NO ILLEGAL DRUGS) in July 2020 ... The *PEE TEST* is a 'Quick and Dirty' Test of LESSER quality than the *HAIR TEST* is ... I see this latest try by PROSECUTORS to REVOKE the HSH PROBATION , as a 'Long Odds' situation where PROSECUTORS have NOTHING TO LOSE on *trying* it ... As to how the JUDGE will see it all , NO IDEA here.


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  • interesting

    IF that the JUDGE was to decide to REVOKE the current PROBATION agreement with regard to (HSH) HAN SEO HEE ... THEN , a NEW FULL COURT TRIAL of HAN SEO HEE *might* take place with regard to ALL her 'Illegal Drugs' related activities.

    In a NEW TRIAL situation for HSH , *everything* would be *open* for PROSECUTORS to *re-investigate* it (say B.I might Court Testify) and introduce it as EVIDENCE ... And , in the initial COURT decision (now being *re-evaluated* by the current JUDGE) , a *violation* of the PROBATION agreement , means that HAN SEO HEE could go to *PRISON for 3 YEARS* time duration ... IF there is say a NEW COURT TRIAL of HAN SEO HEE , she would *likely* be held in the HOLDING JAIL during that COURT TRIAL (unlike say SEUNGRI in his TRIAL situation).

    So , this is a *serious* COURT situation for HAN SEO HEE.

    HAN SEO HEE's *main* defense , is that the *more accurate* follow up

    *HAIR TEST* of HSH showed NO ILLEGAL DRUGS ... As to IF that the current

    JUDGE is also going to use that *HAIR TEST* for HSH as a reason

    to NOT REVOKE (so continue) PROBATION for HSH , I have NO IDEA here.


    would be her WORST *NIGHTMARE* outcome , no question.

    Again , the next *Court Event* with JUDGE is scheduled on July 23rd 2021.

    Added a bit Later: Definitely , BIG BANG Fans (T.O.P Fans , etc) are

    *hoping* that the (HSH) HAN SEO HEE Probation will be REVOKED.

    I can only *guess* as to IF that T.O.P might post something on his

    INSTAGRAM , *if* that were to happen with HSH (Probation Ended) ... :wink:

    (I have noted 'LOL' and 'UP' Reactions to my Message here , THANKS)

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