Mamamoo Contract >.<

  • Do you think they're going to disband? 24

    1. yes (TwT) (6) 25%
    2. No (UwU) (18) 75%

    I just casually searched Mamamoo on google and saw this article then went onto the new segment and a bunch of the of the headlines are like ' Will Mamamoo stay united?' 'Mamamoo contract renewal?' and I'm honestly really anxious because I love the girls and I don't want them to disband and they are so perfect together I really don't wanna think about their disbandment THEY'RE SO INSPIRATIONAL AND FUNNY I LOVE THEM TwT ||

  • as for now Solar and MoonByul already renewed their deals

    so both girls will probably earn more/share less with the company

    now we need to wait for what will HwaSa and Wheein do.

    I think what Wheein will decide will be most important. If she will decide to drop idol life, or move into being more like an OST singer/ballad soloist with much less of promotions during a year then she will probably leave RBW which will mean that HwaSa's decision won't really matter because I don't think Mamamoo would promote as 3.

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  • as fans why would ppl want them to stay? rbw has been good but they seem to have maxed out their capabilities in what they can do for them. their unwillingness to even do basic intl promo and protect the members is also a big no omo. it's just going to be the same old shit. i don't want hwasa/wheein to renew with rbw, hope they find their own agency then try and work out something that allows them to do group promo if they want.

    i think they will likely renew though... i respect whatever decision they come to as they're grown as women.

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