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    cube did clc dirty so she might as well end it early rather than dragging out the inevitable. the rest can only wait till their contracts end. most of the members were talented and had a lot of potential - a shame cube was had no real direction for them until late in the game, and even then there were inconsistent and kept on neglecting them.

    How is she this big to be able to chart with a commercial song?

    It's up to #68 now 8| considering how ppl been struggling to even chart in top 100 with their cb in this new system its kind of crazy that a random cf song is doing good.

    MMM cf songs have always charted so I guess it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. I hope she gets to a point where she's able to chart well with all her releases; so far all of her title tracks (promoted songs) have done amazingly well but her side jobs like collabs and features (other than Don't) haven't gotten the same love.

    as fans why would ppl want them to stay? rbw has been good but they seem to have maxed out their capabilities in what they can do for them. their unwillingness to even do basic intl promo and protect the members is also a big no omo. it's just going to be the same old shit. i don't want hwasa/wheein to renew with rbw, hope they find their own agency then try and work out something that allows them to do group promo if they want.

    i think they will likely renew though... i respect whatever decision they come to as they're grown as women.

    The real question here is: will she be able to maintain her popularity without the Mamamoo hype?

    In SK easily yes, but internationally I don't think people will show the same type of interest for her if the group disbands. Maybe for a couple of comebacks but now even Sunmi and Chungha are struggling to get noticed

    the "mamamoo hype" isn't the source of her popularity both in sk/intl otherwise the other girls solos would achieve a certain level of attention and streaming which they're clearly not getting. whilst being in a successful group helps, for everyone it's ultimately whether gp/casual listeners are checking for you. there are plenty of soloists still in groups but ppl still don't care about their solos.

    she'll always be attached to mmm whether she leaves or not, but her success is not dependent on it. many of her fans are actually discovered the group through her.