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    Kpop idols are scrutinized to the max. I honestly don’t know what’s worse tbh. I mean, they can’t do shit without catching flack for it.

    *cough* hwasa 2018 MAMA outfit. basically hwasa any outfit. Take any kpop idol and I’m sure you can find something dumb they’ve been criticized for.

    Spotify is no.1 for me. I tried Apple Music and Tidal but I just didn’t like it... the curated playlists on Apple Music are really good but the design of the app, the annoying ‘offline play’ that always bugs on my phone and the lack of international artists really made me delete delete delete.

    Spotify for me is like paying my rent — it’s mandatory :pepe-simp:

    Yes I don’t think this is that odd? Even for international fans. I only stan one group and it already takes a ton of my time, lmao. There really is a big difference between stanning and being a fan of a group. I like having a life outside of K-pop too. :/

    Yes, K-Pop fans make me even more insecure about aging tbh, like ageism is everywhere but I've never encountered so much fixation on age as among K-Pop fans anywhere else.

    A lot of it is also pretty misogynist (oddly mostly coming from stans claiming to be "woke" and "feminist"... Like how exactly are you "feminist" except for virtue signalling in your bio when you act like this?), e.g. telling female idols they're old and should retire while still babying male idols older than them, also as for age gaps in dramas many seem to dislike drama couples where the woman is older more (just having the term "noona drama" for that while the other way round it's just a standard romance is weird, even weirder is that there's quite a few people refusing to watch any "noona drama" even when the age difference is pretty small actually

    How horrendous! I didn’t know it was that bad.

    I think point 5 is especially important. To be able to see from the other person’s point of view is the essence of having a good and productive discussion. Unfortunately I don’t think many people, especially online and within K-pop fandoms, will follow any advice like this. lol

    Hearing this broke my heart. MB seems like such a genuine and kind person. People that lash out because of jealousy are THE WORST. I’m so happy knowing they’ve got her back straight away in situations like this.