YTSN Tops 2020 Influential Artist Sales in Fashion!

  • They are such a visually beautiful group so no surprises. Yiyang and Zhenyu are there too at #2 and #9. Chuang 2020 is a really a historically visual bunch according to Chinese standards.

    Aria Jin at 3. She is often cited as the most beautiful of a beautiful group at YWY.

    Victoria at 4!

    SNH48 queens Kiku and Three at 5 and 6.

    Sunnee from Rocket Girls at 8.

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    Y̶Y̶。*☆♡ Yiyang 會不會再見


    Congrats to YTSN for ranking #1 in 2020 Influential Artist Sales in Fashion (E-Magazine Female Artists Chart) per CBNDATA. Congrats to Xu Yiyang for ranking #2 in the same chart. Woohooo~~~ Proud of my girls

  • don't get how they groups in same rank with soloists, or members of other groups... it's a bit strange

    I think it is a matter of name brands in fashion mags like Cosmo, Elle, Fine, etc. Tencent prioritizes group activities over individuals so they might appear in magazine shoots only as a group.

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