Slightly Nervous About This Video I Made About My Time In The Music Industy

  • Haven't posted a vlog type video in a minute but I finally got the courage to talk about an not so comfortable topic. I just made it public after having it unlisted for a few weeks. I am very afraid the record label I used to work for's fanboys are going to flood it with hate once it gets found like they did my when I answered one question about my time there, so could y'all flood the comments with something different and more positive if you see those type of comments, please.

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  • crystalblues

    Changed the title of the thread from “Slightly Nervous About This Video I Made” to “Slightly Nervous About This Video I Made About My Time In The Music Industy”.
  • Why Nervous it was really nice to watch and I had no Idea what the topic was but it was still really interesting . I have the felling that you really have a big knowledge about every kind of music and that is great. Keep going ;):thumbup:

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