Victoria who cancelled her contract with H&M after they announced that they won't be using cotton from Xinjiang anymore

  • She's a true supporter of Uyghurs unlike the Kpop fans cancelling her

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  • I understand that Chinese idols post supporting messages for the One China bullshit because they are afraid they might get attacked/canceled (the way Tzuyu was forced to apologize in that creepy video for raising a flag tells me they can do anything to grow fear into these idols).. but she had no reason to make a statement about this. It's bad enough she left H&M for their moralstic reasons but it could be excused if she didn't make that announcement. H&M are better off without her. They should've dumped her ass earlier tbh. and I used to like her smh. No matter how much she wants money and success, her actions are not acceptable. She disgusts me now. PS: I still don't like generalizing all Chinese idols like that because many of them were greedy. Many others could understand (or will learn to understand) the severity of the situation and don't like what's going on in China especially if they live outside mainland now and aren't 100% brainwashed. I hate generalization. Imagine saying all Korean idols are bullies because of the many exposed ones?

    "H&M are better off without her." I'm sorry it's funny you act as if H&M is a good company, somehow their labor abuse and child labor in other south-east Asian countries doesn't exist anymore? Victoria only had a season contract with H&M she is only making a statement telling people she had no relation with em that's it. Also It's Victoria who dumped them not them she's an ambassador of many other brands like Loewe, Jimmy Choo(the only one in Asia), Chanel ,Cartier, Mercedes-Benz, Moncler (only one in China)...etc but yeah breaking off with H&M break her a lot ;( lol. Yall cancelling her as if yall be supporting her in the first place, she had nothing to lose .

  • I'll happily cancel her, she's disgusting

    idk why i feel so compelled to defend her, i dont even like her but...

    imma put add my stance on this since I’ve followed the subject for a while:

    In 2009, 2011 and 2014, attacks were led by a few Uighurs in Xinjiang, aka “separatist movement,” k*lling residents indiscriminately with bombs and other weapons. The 2009 Urumqi riot is known to be instigated by Rebiya Kadeer, pres of Uighur American Association. The smaller 2014 incident had two perpetrators who set off a bomb, k*lling 3 (incl. the 2 bombers) and injuring 79 in XJ. A few more incidents here and there. Whether they were trying to cause trouble, free people or become dictators is up for you to deicide. Some of these “Muslims’” beliefs included making women stay at home, get married early and didn’t allow school, which happens to be compulsory in China. When some girls were prevented from going to school, the police found out and put them in “education centers”aka “camps” in the west. Both the adult and the kid. When violence occurred, the police stepped in and arrested all of them during attacks. Western media simply called it a "protest squashed by the gov.” It’s a handful of extremists out of a population of 20+ million in XJ, like 0.0001% so it’s even common. The majority live in peace and have basic human rights. The gov kept attackers alive. They are in jail right now and the younger ones who were teens back then are being rehabilitated aka de-radicalized in the "camps/reeducation centers." Again the information on these camps is really limited, so its hard to find info in English. Basically, there's 2 stances. China claims these policies as de-radicalization of terrorism and poverty alleviation while mainstream media calls it ethnic genocide and crimes against humanity.

    Regarding news about atrocities happening to Uighurs, has anyone seen a real ACTUAL clip of Uighurs being rap*d, t*rtured, or k*lled? Any camera footage of the CCP committing this? Witnesses can be bought off. Words can be fake. Crying in a video. A viral video claimed to have been the CCP torturing a Uighur for reading a Quran was found to be Indonesian police beating a local thief. Many detention camp pictures were found to have come from protests in Turkey. So many examples being debunked, but they never get reported in mainstream media. People are easily sucked into something called atrocity theory and end up feeling strongly about the topic despite only seeing few “testimonials” because it evokes sympathy, and you feel like helping. People like me who do research on it get labelled as deniers or ccp shill. whatev.

    Something I found interesting is why the media targeted only Uighurs instead of 54 other ethnic minorities in China. For 10+ years. Xinjiang is full of fossil fuels, rich farmland, and a strategic location for trans-continental trade (my fellow americans, yall mustve heard what happened in afghanistan recently, right? coincidentally its right next to XJ, hmmm…) Uighurs just happen to all live in that region. From my research, ethnic minorities in China are entitled to privileges like farming or housing subsidies, extra points on college exams, full scholarships, 80% subsidized healthcare, treatment before paying, etc. Policy-wise, China treats its minorities well and better than Han Chinese. BBC paints the region in a bad light (literally) using grey filters of whatever footage they have from Xinjiang, satellite images, edited versions of interviews w random Uighurs. Most ppl reporting this, AHEM John Oliver, never even travelled there nor met the people/culture.

    Regarding genocide, if you look at demographics, there are current 12.8 mil Uighurs in China and all concentrated in Xinjiang (this is a universally accepted figure), up from 9.9 mil in 2010, and their population DOUBLED in the last 4 decades. Now go look at the UCLA paper from 2011 on Uyghurs called “Migration and Inequality in Xinjiang” (Howell and Fan). It states Xinjiang total pop was 3.6 mil in 1945 (end of page 122) and on the next page, Table 1, Xinjiang demographics in 1945, Uyghurs were 82.7% of the total pop. Calculate that and u get 2.977 mil of Uighurs in 1945 in XJ, now compare that to 12.8 million in 2020, Over 4 times the pop. How did genocide cause the population to increase by 330%? Simply put, it never happened because the 1 child policy didn’t apply to them or other ethnic minorities, it only applied to the Han Chinese ethnicity in China. I would’ve used the plentiful Chinese .cn or .gov articles and statistics floating around online but no one would believe me. And someone tried to deny it by telling me that UCLA, a public university in the US, was funded by the CCP, can u believe it?? I mean my cousin is a prof at UCSF and I’m a student at a public research university. I know how funding and sh*t works. I found several other peer reviewed articles on demographics, but the idiot wouldn’t believe me.

    About the camps, too lazy to write. Watch a british guy called Jason Living in China on YT. He gives a great explanation about satellite images and camps. With regard to figures, like 1 million, ppl quoted this from an NGO called CERD, which employed at the time ONE employee. Gave no evidence to back up their estimate.

    Uighurs are an Eurasian “ethnic group” not a religious group. Not all Uighurs are Muslims. Historically they were not Muslim, they were Buddhist or atheists or some other spiritual beliefs. Islam gradually spread there when Turks moved there (circa 11-15th century AD, since historically there was a lot of fighting over territory). That’s why the XJ region is so complex. It's been a melting pot of cultures since the Silk Road several thousand years ago, serving as a midway point for China and Persia. Almost a whole millennia before Islam was even born, the Silk Road opened in 130 B.C.E. A large portion of Uighurs practice Islam but it's different from how it looks in the Middle East or Africa. Some women wear headscarves or hair wraps but only covering the hair or a veil down to the neck (mostly elderly). Some wear the ethnic Uighur (doppa) cap or keep their hair loose. Men CAN grow beards (usually old ppl) and wear the doppa. Foreign media reports these differences as evidence of ethnic cleansing.🙄 They pray at mosques too. China spent billions building mosques for them in recent decades. they are actually so beautiful. 24,000 mosques in just XJ. look up some travel vlogs to Xinjiang on YT if u don’t believe me. Most positive info on XJ is usually not promoted on YT and don’t show up in searches unless searched for VERY specifically. Not gonna point names but a lot of websites/social media have certain automated algorithms that suppress certain videos. Some sites block/delete comments or video links when I try to comment on popular ones, like a PARTICULAR recent 9 mil view video where a guy with an annoying British accent talked about China. Talk about free speech. 🙄

    Please watch some interviews or some of the self-made videos of real Uyghur voices.


    People need to stop acting like experts on Uighurs. None of us have even visited. It makes no sense to condone a whole ethnic group to accusations that you have not witnessed personally nor understand fully. Or listen to silly little political commentators on this. Or people like Udo Ulfkotte and Adrian Zenz. He’s a freakin Christian, why is he even researching Muslims???

    I would love to see real evidence or testimonial of someone who was allegedly forced to pick cotton. Not just two blurred faces standing next to a ginormous pile of machine picked cotton on a BBC article. Someone find me evidence. I believed in Xinjiang genocide for nearly half a decade and now, I just these media reports find it funny. Hilarious.

    Just because Uighurs don’t actively share their lives with outsiders doesn’t mean they’re oppressed or unhappy. Why do they have to prove anything to strangers? Why should farmers need to prove that they’re farming on their own land?

    Also I’m sure all those Chinese kpop idols prolly know more about xinjiang than any us us since they were born in China and it’s a popular tourist location for Chinese ppl. If you don’t like an idol’s political views, its fine, don’t support them. They’re just posting their views based on their personal life experiences. We can’t just assume they’re being used for political purposes if we don’t know what’s going on in their minds.


    (mostly for cherry-picking statistics cuz its all pretty one sided)

    Howell and Fan (Migration)

    Toops (East Turkestan/XJ)

    Remi Castes (Malaise)

    Testimonials (TURN ON CAPTIONS)…LnLIvgADPbOOad5qi&index=2

    Travel/Street Food Vlogs (mostly 2015-2017) (playlist)

    XJ Cotton Farming/Anni Guli (playlist) recorded oct 2018, uploaded 2019 reuploaded with eng subs just now

    The Lovely BBC article that started it all…6v8c/china-tainted-cotton

    also btw John Sudworth just fled china after being sued by Xinjiang residents and local businesses for defamation, lmao. he didn’t even tell the foreign correspondent office or whatev procedures u gotta do, just left lol. technically he’s protected by international law so if he’s innocent he doesn’t hafta worry, but… lol

    i just want everyone to be more educated on the issue.:-)

    and victoria is just a bystander who happens to be caught up in this issue

  • you already post this on your own thread

  • Lol niave you are about China lol those uighur youtube videos are 1000% scripted. If you learned chinese you'd understand how they are speaking it shows they're reading from a script or teleprompter off screen. Also China is very good at hiding shit its basically rich north korea

  • Lol niave you are about China lol those uighur youtube videos are 1000% scripted. If you learned chinese you'd understand how they are speaking it shows they're reading from a script or teleprompter off screen. Also China is very good at hiding shit its basically rich north korea

    bro the point was to look at the peer reviewed articles and statistics. they're from 2000-2011 written by mostly Americans and a Hongkonger. u literally ignored the scientific facts and went straight to watching the videos. and u misspelled naive.

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