Victoria who cancelled her contract with H&M after they announced that they won't be using cotton from Xinjiang anymore


    T/N: H&M released a statement saying that they will stop using cotton from Xinjiang in support of the Uyghur community living there. Here's an excerpt from NY times: H&M said that it was “deeply concerned by reports from civil society organizations and media that include accusations of forced labor and discrimination of ethno-religious minorities” in Xinjiang and that it had stopped buying cotton from growers in the region. More than eight months later, in the wake of sanctions by Western countries against China for its treatment of Uyghurs, H&M is facing online backlash from Chinese consumers. (read more here)

    "H&M, China's rebellion against the boycott of Xinjiang products"

    After H&M, a world-class fashion brand, announced their boycott of Xinjiang products, accusing China Xinjiang's abuse on the Uyghurs' human rights, Victoria announced that she will cut ties with the company.

    Article from last October:
    "Global fashion brand 'H&M' presents a collaborative collection with actress and singer Victoria Song.

    This 'Inspired by Victoria Song' collection consists of costumes inspired by her fashion style, and Victoria is also a direct campaign model, drawing more attention. This collection is designed for the modern woman who wants to express herself and reflects a commitment to sustainability and a minimalist style."

    Let's try to translate her statement?

    "The country's interests are ahead of anything else, and I firmly reject all acts of stigmatization against China, and I firmly oppose acts of desecration and profanity against the country and its people through such commercial means." (T/N: if anyone can read Chinese, please let us know in the comments!)

    Her past's whereabouts... ^^


    People are currently fighting in the Weibo's trending topics
    "9. Taobao about HM's products
    10. HM. Communist Youth League of China nomination
    15. Catching breath (?) with Victoria. Stops HM"

    original post: here

    1. As expected from the CCP

    2. I didn't know what Victoria was doing nowadays.. sigh ㅋ

    3. F*cking funny, what are they doing?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    4. That's why I'm boycotting all of the artists under SM who is infatuated with China and YG who sold the country to China

    5. China is pulling off a China soㅋㅋ

    6. Seriously, stop accepting Chinese and Japanese kids just because they look pretty. We seriously need a system to verify their ideologies before we accept them ㅡㅡ do you really think that they want to hit big and get their names known in Korea? From the beginning, all they want to do is to debut in their country. They f*cking stab our backs

    7. All Chinese celebrities are like that ㅋㅋㅋ even so, there are still Koreans who like them

    8. Seriously detestable

    9. They need to experience the Uyghurs' oppression themselves. They are not human

    10. Does she have any shame? Seriously...

    11. Victoria is still under SM?

    12. SM's connections are impressive

    13. H&M is a good company

    14. Goosebumps

  • "The country's interests are ahead of anything else, and I firmly reject all acts of stigmatization against China, and I firmly oppose acts of desecration and profanity against the country and its people through such commercial means."

    Oh cut the crap, as if we don't know she is doing all the nationalist propaganda for money and to avoid being canceled.

    faded in my last song

    N E O C I T Y S U B F O R U M

    seungmin1.gif seungmin2.gif seungmin3.gif

  • that's the issue with chinese idols.

    Though i dont want to bring politics into music, somehow these chinese idols are hard to escape from the constant conflict revolving China

  • This doesn’t surprise me a single bit since she’s always been one of the most vocal and consistent idols about her support for the CCP and its atrocities for almost as long as her idol career lol. Yall better hope your chinese idols keep their mouths shut in order not to expose their arse for the whole world to see :teeheek:

  • I understand that Chinese idols post supporting messages for the One China bullshit because they are afraid they might get attacked/canceled (the way Tzuyu was forced to apologize in that creepy video for raising a flag tells me they can do anything to grow fear into these idols).. but she had no reason to make a statement about this. It's bad enough she left H&M for their moralstic reasons but it could be excused if she didn't make that announcement. H&M are better off without her. They should've dumped her ass earlier tbh. and I used to like her smh. No matter how much she wants money and success, her actions are not acceptable. She disgusts me now. PS: I still don't like generalizing all Chinese idols like that because many of them were greedy. Many others could understand (or will learn to understand) the severity of the situation and don't like what's going on in China especially if they live outside mainland now and aren't 100% brainwashed. I hate generalization. Imagine saying all Korean idols are bullies because of the many exposed ones?

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