TEIXEIRA (USAF) = NO BAIL ; 'Blood, Gore, Guts, Things in Teeth' = THUG SHAKER CENTRAL ; 2023.05.19

  • bbc.co.uk/teixeira-no-bail

    Suspected Pentagon leaker TEIXEIRA

    to be JAILED Until TRIAL ; 2023.05.19


    Pentagon (information) leak suspect (US Air Force) Jack TEIXEIRA was preparing for a violent 'race war' against Black and Jewish people (???) ; 2023.05.14

    archive.today/MFglg ... (WashPost)

    Alleged leaker fixated on guns and envisioned ‘race war’ ??? ; 2023.05.14

    Videos + chat logs reveal TEIXEIRA's preparations for a violent social conflict,
    his racist thinking and a deep suspicion of the government he served (???)

    *** Begin Quote ; 2nd URL above ***

    In arguing that TEIXEIRA should remain in Jail while he faces charges, Federal Prosecutors pointed to his threats of violence in high school. But among online communities whose members hold “more extremist conservative views,” the friend (of TEIXEIRA) said, “It’s really common to joke about killing government agents (so F.B.I , A.T.F , etc) like that, so it never seemed worrying to me.”

    *** End Quote ; 2nd URL above ***

    Observation -->

    'Joking' like the above , got the *attention* of the JUDGE who sentenced (USAF Academy Graduate , Retired USAF *Colonel* Rank) LARRY RENDALL BROCK JR. to *TWO YEARS in PRISON* for his escapade at the Jan. 6th D.C. RIOT event (Plastic Handcuffs = Looking for Nancy Pelosi).

    (Fake) Jack 'Bond' TEIXEIRA -->

    'I'll have a *Dry* MOLOTOV COCKTAIL ...

    THUG SHAKEN (Central) , NOT STIRRED !!!' ... :woow:


    Arlo Guthrie ; Year 1967 ; (8 min + 30 secs = start) -->

    'I want to kill ... Kill ... KILL !!!' ... :wink:

    Note: This is NOT a threat , just a humorous situation description.

    As to the intent of Mr. TEIXEIRA , that has resulted now
    in a *NO BAIL* (before and during) situation for his upcoming TRIAL.

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    Click for TOP Message this Thread.

    USA PREZ Election Competition (Year 2024) that I want it -->

    Arlo Guthrie (Biden Party) vs Ted Nugent (Trump Party) ...

    (Too lazy here on URLs = 'WIKI Name Search' is your friend)

    Taylor Swift could endorse Arlo Guthrie ???

    Kanye 'YE' West could endorse Ted Nugent ???

    (This is all in good fun ; nobody much reads AKP Messages anyway)

    SONNY BONO (past USA House Rep. CAL) = 'SONNY and CHER' duo ...

    SONNY is dead = So No Ted Nugent Endorsement (but MARY BONO lives).

    CHER could endorse ARLO GUTHRIE though ...

    'Team ARLO' could sing the (Arlo Daddy) *WOODY GUTHRIE* song:

    'This Land *was* YOUR LAND , But Now It's *PUTIN's* (RU) ...

    It was NEVER YOUR LAND , So Join the MILITIA (USA) ??? ... :wink:

    From the DEADWOOD Forests , to the GULFSTREAM Jet Snobs ...

    This GUN was MADE for YOU AND ME !!!'

    (Stewart Rhodes , Enrique Tarrio , Ms. MTGreene , Etc)

    Clearly , ELON MUSK likely endorses TED NUGENT.

    'Team TED' song = 'Cat Scratch Fever , Grab that ... *CAT* !!!' ... :wink:

    Honestly , Arlo Gutherie and Ted Nugent could *register* to run

    for USA PREZ in certain USA States (NY say) ... And do *JOINT CONCERTS*

    and *SPEECHES* ('debates') together (Before the Concert , During , After) ...

    WHY settle for *boring* TRUMP and that 'YMCA' song ???

    Maybe JACK TEIXEIRA could endorse TED NUGENT ???

    NUGENT could Sell 'FREE JACK TEIXEIRA' T-Shirts ...

    (Fake) TAYLOR SWIFT quote -->

    'I would never be caught dead wearing a *wet* 'Free Jack Teixeira' T-Shirt ...

    Let alone riding in a TESLA = (ELON) MUSKIE is so FISHY , right ???' ... :wink:


    Ted Nugent ; Info


    Arlo Gutherie ; Info

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    Changed the title of the thread from “TEIXEIRA (USAF) = BAIL Fri. 19th ; 'Blood, Gore, Guts, Things in Teeth' = THUG SHAKER CENTRAL ??? ; 2023.05.16” to “TEIXEIRA (USAF) = NO BAIL ; 'Blood, Gore, Guts, Things in Teeth' = THUG SHAKER CENTRAL ; 2023.05.19”.

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