Annalena Baerbock, Germany's Foreign Minister, finally admits EU/NATO are fighting a war against Russia

  • krell won't report on this, he's busy with andrew tate, and this is a really important news so let me do it:

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    Finally. It took them a while

  • These are the opening stages of WWIII. Many propagandists are around the Internet already, trying to divert the public’s attention away from statements like this. There is zero support among the public in the EU or USA for a war with Russia, but intelligence agencies have been trying to start this type of conflict for a long time. They needed a dementia patient in the Oval Office, first - an anti-war President like the previous incumbent would have shut them down cold.

    Now we are entering very dangerous waters. It will only take one nuclear explosion anywhere in the theater to completely tank world economies - and make the COVID panic and subsequent restrictions look like a child’s time out. I don’t believe Russia will be the party to set off any such detonation - but Zelinsky and his CIA handlers might stage a nuclear false flag when things inevitably start going against them.

    This is the part where who you vote for matters. If the US and EU governments were full of hard-headed realists, this conflict could have been easily avoided. The current crop of virtue signalers and grifting opportunists are only going to look at what is in it for them or their financial backers. I’m afraid too many political puppets - backed by factions ranging from EU Greens to US defense contractors - may have already concluded that a “limited” nuclear war against a straw man enemy will benefit them personally.

  • I see all the Russia bots and propaganda swallowers are already hard at work here

    Russia attacks a country, kills thousands of civilians - it's all the US and the EU's fault. Just roll over for Russia let them take what they want. And then the next bit. And the next. That's been working out great in the past.

    people seriously believe it's the West that wants war with Russia?? are you nuts? or just stupid?

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