A PANN article by a classmate defending soojin and clarifying the accusations on soojin is gaining heavy attention in korea (currently trending #2 on pann with 215k+ views) [UPDATED with better Translations]

  • I think it's kinda plausible. The thought did cross my mind when statements were first made on the situation. Soojin was a part of said nasty group, so she's getting all the heat.

    k-nets unfortunately don't care if some of the accusations may turn out false, if even one part is true, the rest has to be true in their eyes.

    I think knetz will calm down if the older sister can be appeased. If Cube can come to terms with her, knetz might follow along. She's pitoval in this issue as she's been the main driving force of the whole affair.

    SSJ/OT6 comeback waiting room...


  • https://docs.google.com/docume…qPu83NqnEdfkRE_CbsGg/edit

    This may very well be the most accurate and extensive portrayal of SSJ we got so far

    - by an alumnus of Waw middle school

    TLDR version

    • SSJ at first (6th, 7th grade? unclear) was not a very nice person, rather on the rude side

    • She had many (male) friends/admirers but when some showed interest in SSA who just got transferred, she got quite jealous. SSA and SSJ never interacted with each other, but SSJ showed disdain towards her

    • SSJ used to take other people's belongings that you had to go to her in order to retrieve them. Not downright stealing as she didn't conceal it, but still annoying to deal with

    • mid 8th grade, she had a complete turn of character: she greeted people, she no longer ignored them, etc.

    • 9th grade and onwards, she was all smiling and there was nothing bad anymore about her

    • She indeed had a friend group that she drifted away from at some point

    • This friend group were those who framed SSA with a cigarette and stole her mom's letter at the graduation ceremony. SSJ was not a part of that group anymore.

    So here you go, I think it's a very believable portrayal a bully-like character.

    At first, she was kinda mean, quite full of herself. Then because of a sudden strike of maturity, or because she began her life as a trainee (or trainee wannabe), she changed her ways, moved away from the bad people she used to hang out with.

    No information regarding the alleged occurences of violence, since the informant probably wasn't there to see. Obviously whatever happened in remote parts of the school, like the restroom, can't be acknowleged by any outsider. So it doesn't cover most of the allegations of the older sister but if accurate, it's still valuable information to understand what kind of teenager she may have been.

  • thebadguy

    Changed the title of the thread from “A PANN article defending soojin and clarifying the accusations on soojin is gaining heavy attention in korea (currently trending #2 on pann with 180k+ views) [UPDATED with better Translations]” to “A PANN article by a classmate defending soojin and clarifying the accusations on soojin is gaining heavy attention in korea (currently trending #2 on pann with 215k+ views) [UPDATED with better Translations]”.
  • Not sure if this has already been posted, but someone made this timeline of all the allegations etc so far with links to translations.

    One interesting thing to note is the person who came forward to defend Soojin mentioned they became friends with her in 8th grade, so didn't know anything that happened before then (meaning she was friends with those people before 8th grade then distanced herself from them). At that time Soojin was trying to clean up her image because she was hoping to debut.

    So if she was part of that group before 8th grade its not surprising that people linked her with them when they bullied the actress but that also means the accusations towards her from before 8th grade are likely to be true (considering her friend mentioned she did run with that crowd before).


    IDK but with the recent things coming out about Mingyu (bullying the disabled student and sexual harassment), the situation might change. Part of the reason people were a little more chill is carats were on the whole staying mum till it all comes out (K-carats anyways) which gave the public a good image of the fandom and of Mingyu. Kind of a 'good fans belong to good idols' mentality.

    Since no-one was really bending over backwards to defend people didn't really take the accusations that seriously since the fans didn't. There is this assumption that fans kind of know thier idols (and considering how much fans can know, even down to knowing Chens GF years before he admitted it). So if they see fans chill they assume its likely nothing. If they see fans going crazy to defend, they know there is likely some truth there that fans have long suspected but want to hide.

    So whilst carats were being chill (making people think it was fake) nevvies were out there making a mess (making people think there is some truth to it). But even if there isn't, fans behaviour is considered a reflection of an idols behaviour, since they expect idols to say stuff to keep thier fans in line if they go too far and they know the companies likely have thier own staff infiltrate the biggest fan bases to control the fandoms in some way.

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