Blackpink and other yg groups' biggest obstacle will always be Yang hyunsuk.

  • I'm afraid Yang hyunsuk still decides which yg artist gets to comeback and when. Just thinking about him being in a treasure concert, it disgusts me to the core. And the drug and prostitution culture in that company? disgusting. I think fans forget how rotten that company is. And the main problem- yg was a "hiphop" company for a decade before they started creating their "Idols who are talented swag and not like other pretty idols" groups. The company simply don't yet have the right culture, people and expertise to manage idol groups let alone girl groups. And they don't want to accept defeat and learn from other companies. The same guy Yang hyun suk who was managing korean hiphop artists still wants everything to go through him to this day for all his idols and expects idols to make their own music. And in addition to that, he has made it clear multiple times he is more comfortable discussing music with only males like bigbang, psy, epik high and sechskies to name a few. The amount of times he ignore leehi,CL or blackpink is well known. He didn't plan for a future without bigbang. He thought bigbang will be together for 20 years and did not expect their career would end so tragically. The company's biggest mistake was, they decided bigbang should be the blueprint for all their future groups when in reality bigbang was special and cannot be emulated. This poor company is now getting crushed by kpop powerhouses like SM and JYP right now thanks to him. I remember his statement in an article where he said "carving the best bat takes time and the person might get annoyed but they will in the end get the best bat". Well, yg the match is now over and because u took too long carving ur bats and half of them came out crap anyway.

  • we all know YHS is still the ceo, and that Hwang whaetever is just a facade. At the end of the day he still own more actions than her so he and his brother are above her

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