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    The badge looks so pretty on you

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  • Take my follow for being a sensible poster<


  • hii i like your joy pfp :lover3:

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    • thank uuu, i love urs too jeno is so handsome (u have really nice taste) :nervousk:

    • thank youu! do you stan nct? and/or are you planning on joining neo city? we'd love to have more people like you <3

      ntmy btw, im zuzu. you?

    • yess i`ve been a fan since debut and started stanning during limitless <3 (i only stan them snsd and rv, i`m a fan of some other groups too but only really stan these 3)

      By joining neo city do u mean the guild i would love too but don`t really know how since i`m not super familiar or often on new forum, i used to be on the old akp forum a lot but it changed so much :shyy: and i`m spela btw :cheeky:

    • ohh nicee my rv bias is joy! i don't stan snsd but i love them and their music a lot!

      yeah, i do mean joining lol i can tag you and ask the guild leaders to add you :)

    • yess thank u so much <3<3<3(btw sorry had to go to sleep last night it was 4am in my country)