Cypher - Changbin

  • I. Cypher - Changbin (from Stray Kids)

    II. General Information

    Changbin's 'Cypher' released on the 22nd of October 2020 is another of his contributions to Stray Kids' SKZ-Player project. 'Cypher' has a run-time of 2 minutes and 54 seconds and it has yet to have been released on official musical platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and MelOn. The song was released prior to the airing of his elimination on SMTM9, as a manner of expressing his desire to continue developing as an artist alongside both his failures and successes.

    III. Musical Content

    'Cypher' features the power-ballad instrumentals of Stray Kids' newly unveiled single 'Scars', alongside the past instrumental of the Stray Kids track 'Maze of Memories' and other instrumentals of genres like rock and hip-hop. The lyrics of the song reference his both his passion as an artist and his willingness to accept judgement which he can develop on instead of accepting judgement from mindless critics.

    IIII. Credits

    Lyrics: Changbin (3RACHA)

    Composition: Changbin (3RACHA), Bang Chan (3RACHA), VERSACHOI

    Arrangement: Chang


    IIV. English Translated Lyrics

    Soles of my shoes cracked, a stretched out tee

    A band aid on my torn up knee would be a luxury

    My vocal chords tear in front of the pop filter

    These are all my wounds, my scars, they’re my tattoo

    I won’t cover them – I’ll show all I’ve got

    I won’t hide them – it’s fine if they all show

    The pains and failures that make you

    Want to give it all up are just an excuse

    I’ll take it all, I’ll ruin myself

    When I ruin myself more

    Knock knock, you you never want anything more than me being smart

    I lose, lose it because no mattеr where you go they all say thе same thing

    They strike with their stinging words

    Everything’s taken as just acceptance, agreement, submission, or defiance

    But we won’t take it. Our opinions and thoughts are like cutting scissors silence does nothing

    The value of our learning here is nothing in front of the goals I hold

    It dirties our lives

    I won’t unclench my fist

    If what you mean by “teaching”

    Is telling me to quit then just kill me, kill me bang

    Wanna be the gang

    The moment you’re faced with giving up your dream you’ve lost

    Break away from the prejudice that we’re sure to fail

    I can show all the cards in my hand, I won’t lose either way

    Imma look back, imma look back, imma look back to the future in fact

    My past dreams become reality and I awaken from my terrible nightmare

    I woke and hit refresh to write out the things I want again

    I whip myself with dissatisfaction, and that’s what brought me here

    I do it for my team I do it for my fan

    I keep making it past each and every level

    I roll out a red carpet across Korea in front of my excited gait

    Anything that gets in my way i just kill it, click clack chick chick bang

    The idiots who want nothing more than thrills gather on thin ice

    I don’t bother voicing my complaints out and around

    Just in front of myself and how I’m dissatisfied now

    It’s been a while since I found a seat I wanted to be my own

    There won’t be any way to avoid some blood

    I have always wanted more, if I didn’t how could I get anything?

    I want more and more. I need it all to be satisfied

    Even if I can’t pick the stars from the sky I need to at least make it up there

    If I make it and fall like a shooting star I still know i started from the bottom

    No matter what others think of me. that’s what makes me what I want to be

    Fine, keep ignoring me. that’s exactly what will make me scarier for you

    Cross mountain after mountain

    River after river, just cross it all

    Cross the mountain to the range, the river to the sea

    I make it past it all and see what’s next

    They say low expectations means you can’t be disappointed

    But I have high expectations for everything

    I shoot my expectations knowing I’ll make a goal

    I won’t ever accept a miss

    I’ll win 100 of 100 battles

    100% exploding potential

    I spit in the face of retreat with my spirit and bravery

    I’ll win 100 of 100 battles

    I burn my passion

    I never learned to fear failure

    I’m so confident it’s overflowing

    I’m certain I’ll make it so I set up my dream

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