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    Davichi (다비치) is a female duo formed by Core Contents Media and currently signed under WAKEONE. They debuted on January 25, 2008 with their first album Amaranth. Their name, Davichi, is derived from the Korean phrase "shining over everything" (다 비치).

    I. Members

    Member Profile
    CREATOR-gd-jpeg-v1-0-using-IJG-JPEG-v80-quality-75.jpg Stage Name: Haeri (해리)
    Birth Name: Lee Hae Ri (이해리)
    Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
    Birthday: February 14, 1985
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Blood Type: B
    CREATOR-gd-jpeg-v1-0-using-IJG-JPEG-v80-quality-75.jpg Stage Name: Minkyung (민경)
    Birth Name: Kang Min Kyung (강민경)
    Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae
    Birthday: August 3, 1990
    Zodiac Sign: Leo
    Blood Type: O

    II. Discography

    Studio albums

    Amaranth (2008)
    Vivid Summer Edition (repackage) (2008)
    Mystic Ballad Part.2 (2013)
    &10 (2018)

    Best albums

    Special Best (2013)

    Mini albums

    Davichi in Wonderland (2009)
    Innocence (2010)
    Love Delight (2011)
    6,7 (2014)
    Davichi Hug (2015)
    50 X Half (2016)

    Digital singles

    "Sad Promise (Remix)" (2008)
    "Love Call with Davichi" (2012)
    "The S Part.1" (2012)
    "Mystic Ballad Part.1" (2013)
    "Be Warmed" (2013)
    "Memories of Summer" (2013)
    "Davichi Code" (2013)
    "Again" (2014)
    "Don't Move" (2014)
    "Two Lovers" (2015)
    "At This Moment" (2015)
    "D-Make" (2015)
    "To Me" (2017)
    "Nostalgia" (2018)
    "Unspoken Words" (2019)
    "Dear." (2019)
    "Just Hug Me" (2021)
    "First Loss" (2021)

    Collaborations singles

    "Color Pink" (with SeeYa, Black Pearl) (2008)
    "Women's Generation" (with SeeYa, T-ARA) (2009)
    "Wonder Woman" (with SeeYa, T-ARA) (2010)
    "Cho Young Soo All Star - Davichi" (2010)
    "Shin Seung Hun 20th Anniversary With Davichi" (2010)
    "SeeYa & Davichi" (2010)
    "We Were In Love" (with T-ARA) (2011)
    "Cho Young Soo All Star - 2BiC & Davichi" (2012)
    "Bikini" (with T-ARA) (2013)
    "(Vol.26) You Hee yul's Sketchbook 10th Anniversary Project : 12th Voice 'Sketchbook X Davichi'" (2019)
    "(Vol.27) You Hee yul's Sketchbook 10th Anniversary Project : 12th Voice 'Sketchbook X Davichi'" (2019)
    "The Late Kim Hyun Sik's 30th Anniversary Memorial Album "Making Memories" Part. 2 " (2020)


    "Smile, Mom OST Part.8" ("One Person") (2011)
    "Love Request OST Part.1" (2011)
    "Because It's You (Big OST)" (2012)
    "Iris II OST Part 1" ("Don't Your Know") (2013)
    "It's Okay, That's Love OST Part 2" (2014)
    "Descendants of the Sun OST Part.3" ("This Love") (2016)
    "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST Part.4" ("Forgetting You")(2016)
    "While You Were Sleeping OST Part.7" ("I Miss You") (2017)
    "The Beauty Inside OST Part.3" ("Falling In Love") (2018)
    "Crash Landing on You OST Part.3" ("Sunset") (2019)
    "The King: Eternal Monarch OST Part.6" ("Please Don't Cry") (2020)
    "Start-Up OST Part.7" ("My Love") (2020)
    "Doom at Your Service OST Part.5" ("All of My Love") (2021)