Fly to the Sky

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    Fly to the Sky is a south-korean Duo founded by SM Entertainment in 1999. The duo is consisting of Hwanhee and Brian Joo.

    Fly to the Sky officially debuted on November 21, 1999. The duo released their debut album Day by Day on December 9, 1999 and made their first official television appearance two days later. After Fly to the Sky's contract with SM Entertainment expired in November 2004, the duo signed with PFull Entertainment. The duo stated that they wanted a smaller label, would promote them as musicians and focus less on success. They stayed with PFull Entertainment until 2009 before leaving the company. The duo announced that their contract had expired and that they wanted to concentrate on their solo careers for the time being. Both artists released their own solo albums. In 2014 they signed with H4 Media.

    Full Albums:

    Day By Day (1999)

    The Promise (2001)

    Sea of Love (2002)

    Missing You (2003)

    Gravity (2004)

    Transition (2005)

    No Limitations (2007)

    Decennium (2009)

    Continuum (2014)