Our Body

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    I. Introduction

    Our Body is a 2018 South Korean drama film written, directed and edited by Han Ka-ram in her debut feature film, starring Choi Hee Seo &, Ahn Ji Hye as the main casts. The film had its world premiere in the Discovery section of the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, held from 6 to 16 September 2018. It was then screened at the 23rd edition of the Busan International Film Festival in October 2018. And finally, it was released on South Korea on September 26, 2019.

    II. Synopsis

    An overeducated, disenchanted woman, Ja Young, loses her ambition after many grueling years of studying for the public official exam. Which she has failed multiple times. One lonely evening, a beautiful, fit runner, Hyun Joo, glides smoothly past her. Intrigued by this celestial vision of harmony and grace, Ja Young repeatedly returns, hoping to meet the object of her curiosity. Ja-Young begins to jog. The pressure she has felt from other people begin to dissipate and vitality returns to her life.

    III. Cast

    Pic Name Character
    Choi Hee Seo Ji Young
    Ahn Ji Hye Hyun Joo

    IV. Trailer

    V. Movie

    VI. Reception

    The film has received 5.9 scores on IMDB, & 7.0 scores on Mydramalist.

    VII. Screendaily

    Reviewing it for Screendaily, Jason Bechervaise called it an impressive feature debut, with Choi Hee-seo delivering a nuanced and dedicated performance.

    VIII. Variety

    Variety's Jessica Kiang says, - A promising but almost willfully obscure debut and a convincing but underpowered exploration of female identity and alienation in status-and-youth-obsessed contemporary Seoul.

    VII. Awards & Nominations

    Year Award Category Nominee Results
    2018 Busan International Film Festival Best Actress Choi Hee Seo Won
    2019 Cine21 Best Film of the Year Our Body Nominated
    2019 Osaka Asian Film Festival Best Film Han Ka Ram Nominated
    2019 Osaka Asian Film Festival Special Mention Han Ka Ram Won
    2020 Wildflower Film Awards Best Actress Choi Hee Seo Noiminated
    2020 Chunsa Film Art Awards Best New Director Han Ka Ram Nominated