Another Miss Oh

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    Park Do-kyung (Eric Mun) is a sound director in his 30s. A year ago, his bride, Oh Hae-young (pretty) (Jeon Hye-bin), disappeared on their wedding day leaving him miserable. One year after that incident, Do-kyung was told that Hae-young is going to marry a young entrepreneur named Han Tae-jin (Lee Jae-yoon). Do-kyung exacted revenge by sabotaging Tae-jin's business leaving him bankrupt. However, the woman who has the name Oh Hae-young (plain) (Seo Hyun-jin) was actually just a stranger who coincidentally has the same name as the other Oh Hae-young (pretty) who left him.

    Coincidentally, Oh Hae-young (plain) is the girl that Do-kyung had been seeing lately in his visions, and he sees snapshots of the future with her in it.

    Tae-jin was soon to be sent to jail due to bankruptcy, and hence before his imprisonment he meets his fiancée, Hae-young (plain), and tells her that he doesn't love her enough to marry her and wants to call off their wedding. Truthfully, Tae-jin was lying and his true intentions was to let her go so that she will gain happiness.

    Amidst all of this, Do-kyung and Hae-young (plain)'s lives turn as they cross paths. After sharing similar unfortunate experiences of being dumped before their weddings, the two of them got even closer. Will Do-kyung start to fall in love with Hae-young (plain)? But, will Hae-young (plain) look at Do-kyung the same way when she finds out that he is the one who ruined her wedding? Is it a love story between two people who should not be destined to be together? Or will Do-kyung's visions of her actually prove that they are meant for each other?