Another Record

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    I. Introduction

    Another Record is a 2021 South Korean documentary film that captures the extraordinary lifestyle of actress Shin Se Kyung. The film is directed by Kim Jong Kwan, who previously directed last year’s Warner Bros. distributed Josée and & previously made The Table and Worst Woman. It is a KT Seezn presentation of a Showbox production in association with Raemongraein. An online release in South Korea was released on Oct 28, 2021.

    II. Synopsis

    The real Shin Se Kyung who shares her inner thoughts that she couldn't bring up while eating, drinking, and talking with the various people she met while walking on the friendly Seochon street, Director Kim Jong Kwan with an unrivaled sensibility, captures it. Shin Se Kyung that everyone knows. And her story that no one knows.

    III. Cast

    Shin Se Kyung

    IV. Trailers

    V. Reception

    Kim Jong Kwan has said - Shin Se Kyung’s hidden stories are naturally revealed while she talks with the people she meets, rather than during an interview. Spending time with people to bond and share emotions is what makes Another Record special. And finding the actress’s lifestyle from within these moments is what makes this project a film, said Kim. The audiences get to follow Shin to walk, drink, share stories and find her inner self and charm within her style. It will be a unique experience like a midsummer’s dream immersed in scent.