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    I. Introduction

    Josée is a 2020 South Korean romantic drama film based on a Japanese short story Josee, the Tiger and the Fish written by Seiko Tanabe. It was directed and written by Kim Jong-kwan. It stars actress Han Ji-min as Josée and actor Nam Joo-hyuk as Lee Young-seok. It was released in South KOR. on December 10, 2020.

    II. Synopsis

    A small city on the outskirts of Seoul. Young Seok, a university student nearing graduation, comes across a woman in the street who has fallen from her wheelchair and helps her back home. She ends up feeding him a simple meal and he develops a vague curiosity for this woman who introduces herself as Josée. From this time on Young Seok occasionally stops by Josée's house, receiving free meals and getting to know this woman who reads a lot, has a comprehensive knowledge of whiskey and tells him stories, which he's not sure are true. Gradually, they come to share an unforgettable love.

    III. Cast

    Pic Name Character
    Han Ji Min Josée
    Nam Joo Hyuk Young Seok

    IV. Trailers

    V. Movie

    VI. Reception

    Josée has gained the scores of 7.6 on Mydramalist, 6.8 on IMDB, 8.3 on Rakuten Vik, 8.6 on iQiyi. Asian Movie Pulse has reviewed it as - Josee is a mellow, amiable film which, although loses its steam drastically towards its conclusion, still succeeds in delivering meaningful plot-points punctuated with competent acting. Retaining the integral tiger and fish imagery through metaphors rather than obvious messaging when Kim’s narrative is at its fine-drawn best, this remake is undeniably compelling.

    VII. Awards & Nominations

    Year Category Award Nominee Result
    2021 Fribourg International Film Festival Grand Prix Jong Kwan Kim Nominated