The King of Dramas

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    Drama series "The King of Dramas" takes a revealing look into the world of drama series production. Anthony Kim (Kim Myung-Min) will do anything for success and money. He has the midas touch when it comes to subcontracting the productions in drama series and is extremely talented in running a business. There's also a top Korean actor who doesn't negotiate and a new screenwriter who holds a pure view of drama series in general.


    Anthony Kim and the writer for drama series "Elegant Revenge" have an argument over product placement advertisements in the last episode of a drama series. Anthony made a contract with the juice company and he insists to the screenwriter to place the juice into one of the last scenes. The screenwriter insists that its impossible to place the juice into episode, due to the story line. After she hangs up, Lee Go-Eun (Jung Ryeo-Won) goes into the screenwriter's office. Lee Go-Eun is the screenwriter's assistant and has been working there for the past 5 years. The screenwriter completes the last episode and asks Go-Eun to proofread the script and then send it to the director. Lee Go-Eun asks about the product placement advertisement and her boss responds that an artist shouldn't compromise herself. She then takes the battery out of her phone and leaves her office.

    At this time, Anthony Kim receives the script for the last episode. He can't see the juice placement in any of the scenes and tries to contact the screenwriter, but all of his calls goes unanswered. Anthony then goes to her office. As he enters, Go-Eun is about to leave the office. Anthony lies to her and tells her that her boss is in the hospital and she asked Go-Eun to place the juice into the last episode. Go-Eun believes him and tells him that she will make the necessary changes.

    There isn't much time left. On the way to filming set, Go-Eun makes the necessary changes to the script. They get to the filming for the last scene. Now that everything is finished, everybody begins to freak out. The last episode is to air in just a few more hours. Anthony makes the suggestion to hire a motorcycle delivery guy to deliver the videotape to the broadcast station in Seoul. Anthony offers $10,000 dollars to the delivery man if he can deliver the videotape within 1 hour. It normally takes 3 hours to get to Seoul from their location. The delivery man accepts the deal and heads out. Anthony and Go-Eun follows the delivery man on a separate motorcycle. Along the way, the delivery man gets in an accident and is severely injured. Anthony takes the videotape from the injured motorcyclist. At this time, Anthony's gold ring that he calls his "absolute ring" slips off and rolls into a manhole. He drives off for the broadcasting station.

    Anthony finally arrives at the station with the staff there waiting for him. The last episode is able to air as scheduled. While the episode airs, Anthony looks over the TV ratings and sees that the ratings has now climbed over 30% during the last episode. Everybody is ecstatic. Meanwhile, Go-Eun goes home and tries to contact her boss, but is unable to do so. Anthony hears that the delivery man on the motorbike died from his injuries. Anthony goes to the delivery man's funeral and explains to his wife how her husband died. He gives the widow $100,000.

    The next day, Go-Eun visits Anthony to show him her own script "Morning of Keiyo". While they are talking, Go-Eun's boss barges into the office and screams at Anthony. Go-Eun is stunned and tells her that Anthony said she wanted the script changed, but Anthony denies having anything to do with the script change. He lies to the screenwriter and tells her that Go-Eun came to his office and suggested the changes under the condition that she can work as a screenwriter in another drama. The screenwriter believes Anthony and Go-Eun is fired from her job, as well as being exiled from the screenwriting industry.

    Anthony also encounters troubles. On the internet, numerous articles covers the death of the motorcycle delivery man. Anthony tries to cover up the case, but nobody is on his side. It seems to Anthony that everyone is waiting to knock him down. The president of Jekook Production asks Anthony to resign. Anthony is now pissed off and decides to start his own production company. He tries to contact screenwriters right away, but he is all alone.

    Three years later, Anthony is now almost broke. He runs a small production company, but he can't afford to pay his one employee. Anthony is now also receiving therapy. One day, he visits Oh Jin-Wan's (Jeong Man-Sik) at his old work place Jekook Production. Oh Jin-Wan used to be Anthony's secretary, but he is now a high level executive. While waiting for Oh Jin-Wan in his office, Anthony happens to see a paper discussing a $10,000,000 drama project. The project is to be funded by a Korea-Japanese man named Watanabe (Jeon Mu-Song) under the condition that the story deals with a man living under the Japanese colonial era. Anthony suddenly thinks back to Go-Eun's script "Morning of Keiyo," which is set during the Japanese colonial occupation of Korea. Anthony then goes to a restaurant where Go-Eun works and is owned by Go-Eun's mother. Anthony decides to go for his last chance.