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    Who was called a slut shamer? TF you on, reading comprehension issues?

    You are honestly very weird. I follow ggs twitter and I criticize bp and all groups bc I’m not emotionally attached to them like you weirdo.I didn’t watch the concert but I know the tag got #1 in Saudi Arabia like it or not

    So you’re not a blink but the people in the fandom got called “slut shamers” because of your comment.

    Hey army paradis ! I think you should retract your comment then :pepe-tongue:

    I am not threatening you, I am simply asking you to follow the rules. You have a weird idea of what threats are.

    Sorry to butt in

    But the whole title say “I appreciate all those people or blinks”

    OP clearly knows and those who use Twitter know that everyone can vote on polls. So what’s the point of your comment saying that everyone can vote?? Did that one comment trigger you that locals are actually voting for blackpink??

    Sorry but as a mod just message OP if you have a problem with him. Stop derailing the thread. This discussion is actually needed because this is new for blackpink.

    The answer is simple. People have different taste/preferences and no one would put them on a gun point to listen to a song they don’t like. But things became complicated because of cocky fans

    People who stan a successful group with awards: You don’t have the right to preach about quality you faves has won nothing *evil laughs (NO DAESANG NO OPINION)

    People who stan a group with no daesang: Rigged! Rigged! Winning a daesang doesn’t mean your faves’ music is superior (XX Group sucks)

    See both sides are wrong. But it’s definitely unfair for fans who are here for music and who are not salivating for the validation of others. Not because you’re listening to a group that has no significant achievement doesn’t mean your taste sucks. :pepe-use-head:

    Seeing the replies you know which is which

    I'm allergic to excessive gloating of kpop fans or music stans in general. Well! Now that I think about it, you can also see the same trend on everything. Marvel vs. DC, NBA fans, even politics. I guess being cocky is innate to some people. Being proud is one, but when you spent most of your time obsessing about your faves' achievement for your own personal reasons. What would you get from that aside from the short term dose of dopamine? So it's perfectly fine for fans to shy away from these over technical stuff. As for the refusal to accept facts? The reason can be simple which is refusal or lack of understanding/knowledge on how the data was interpreted. Quantitative Data Interpretation can be really confusing for a lot of people hence they would rather be confronted with simple facts like list etc.

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