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    I was excited for MAMAMOO to come together after their hiatus and show the world their newfound vigor. MAMAMOO went nearly a year without a group comeback due to all the members focusing on their activities and promotions. But "Travel" was pretty disappointing, and while Aya is a good song, it's not title track material. No wonder K-fans selected Dingga to be the title track when they heard the album early. I'm more of a casual fan of MAMAMO so correct me if I'm wrong, but it seemed like we didn't receive as much group content this comeback?

    The stages were limited, with hardly any variety or interview activities. It also seemed like the girls went back to promoting Dingga solely. They didn't seem as omnipresent as they normally are for a comeback. Speaking of Aya, It's digital performance was pretty astonishing. For reference, Allkpop deemed "flops" like ZZB, UU, OMG, and Ice Cream charted higher and will probably have more Gaon index points when it's all said and done. I'm not trying to make comparisons, but MAMAOO are digital queens, so for their title track to be their lowest peaking title after a year-long hiatus was shocking. At least Dingga did well, and the album is their best selling yet. But overall, this comeback felt pretty lackluster to me. ?( Seems like more effort and time went into their solo promotions than group content

    The only thing that annoys me is how everyone has to start over again in terms of getting badges since we switched from the post count system to the Akorn system. What's the point of incorporating our old post count if we can't use their perks? I also feel bad for the members who had 20+ badges.

    It's not up to "us" to forgive her. But, as someone who used to ult Irene, her scandal deeply hurt me as a fan. Red Velvet and their music is my safe space, my comfort zone. The members and their music always made me smile and laugh after a tumultuous day. After the scandal, it was hard for me to consume Red Velvet's music because it made me feel like everything was a lie.

    Red Velvet is one of the more down to earth groups that rarely exaggerate their personalities for skinship or clickbait. I loved how raw and real they were, so Irene's scandal made me question things. I also felt slightly uncomfortable with Irene, not to the point that I wanted her to be removed, but more that I felt neutral on her.

    If you've been following Red Velvet recently, you can tell Irene is shaken up by the scandal. She's much more self-conscious and aware of how she presents herself on camera. Just look at their SMT ticket making video and their performance. I could tell she's beating herself up over the scandal. I'm glad she released another apology and went more in-depth in terms of how she messed up and how she plans to correct her behavior going forward. I genuinely believe Irene is reflecting on her behavior and wants to become a better person. I'm looking forward to seeing that growth and becoming her fan again.