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    Hey y’all it’s been a while since I came up here...not gon lie I forgot I had an account... but now since I have a phone I can try and be more active if you want😬....umm I have an iPhone 7 Plus👀...oh and you can thank my aunt for giving me her old one😁...Ummm I have Snapchat if anyone wants mine it’s xakyaisweird...I don’t really have friends🥺😔...if anyone wants to be my friend there is my snap😅 that’s the only social media I have other than tiktok...but I plan to post on tiktok yeah byeeeee😁

    It's baby Xakya'll probably don't even want to see this but whatever..... sorry if the photo is blurry it's an old photo....finna roast my a$$ :-D why are you so close to the camera tho :/ ...big head a$$ :pepe-hehe: .....why yo mouth open :eyes: .....
    I hope this photo of me helped you smile or laugh :thumbup:^^ .....cause looking back at my baby photos made me smile and laugh a lot :thumbup::-D ....but have a nice day/night :-)

    I'm really sorry :( I looked it up and it's from releasing a hormone called cortisol best known for producing the "fight or flight" response :o Okay so I don't know if you already know this but I looked up ways of lowering your cortisol levels k so

    1. Get the right amount of sleep ( who knows how much that is though right?) Sorry that was my 2 cents people say 8 hours is too much and 6 hours is too little or some people say to sleep for 9 hours but I guess it depends on the person right?
    2. Exercise but not too much
    3. Learn to recognize stressful thinking
    4. Learn to relax
    5. Have fun
    6. Maintain healthy relationships
    7. Take care of a pet
    8. Be your best self
    9. Tend to your spirituality (whatever that means) Sorry I'm supposed to be trying to help gosh darn
    10. Eat healthy foods (damn that's asking alot)
    11. Take certain supplements (crack is wack yo!)

    I'm super sorry if I'm stepping over too much! :(

    no half of those things i have to work on =O .....i really do appreciate this thank you :*

    I think all crying is good once it's done and over with tbh haha like I get really hungry after crying and it's pretty gosh darn satisfying when you eat haha like getting the munchies after crying cha I haven't heard that word in a while lol munchies

    when i cry i get really bad headaches which sucks :( ...then i have to force myself from crying trying not to get a headache

    Why do y'all keep typing white font not everyone uses night/dark mode

    Anyways, Im fine. The interns at my job are becoming more independent and reliable (I'm still doubtful of one of them tho)

    i changed the font color :thumbup: .....i keep forgetting that not everyone uses the dark theme :D bad lol.......

    I am existing in a world of stress as I am to move in 3 weeks and also am going to need to buy a shelf and desk chair first and foremost after moving as well as kitty foods since I am leaving the rest of what i bought recently for my roommate's cat since we threw the bag away after dumping it in the bucket we store it in. My sister got me some coupons though as she has been furiously printing any she finds for the stuff I buy

    hopefully everything goes smoothly..... :thumbup::)

    Exhausted my coworker got fired and now I'm his temporary replacement until they find someone else for the next season and they have me working evenings 1 day then mornings all the way to the evening the next day I just handed in my time sheet and for the 2 weeks I got 103.5 hours in to other people that's probably nothing but man.. It gets tiring It would be 100 times better if I was making what he made you'd think I would for stepping up to do his work and duties but NOPE! Sorry you asked how I was doing and I'm doing totally fine! thanks for asking sorry my sucky writing skills

    that sounds scary but i have faith that you can make it through......i believe in you... <3 .....and no your fine and your writing skills do not suck there better than mine lol

    hey ya'll i just genuinely wanted to know how y'all been or whatcha been up to lately :omgr: .......if anyone hasn't asked then allow was your day today😊? was it good, terrible, ok,.......i asked you a i want an answer :pepe-cute:  .......i'm playin don't have to but i do wanna hear from y' just bored that's why im making this thread....but still i do wanna know how y'all are feeling/doing at the moment :pepe-smug:

    Hey y'all it's been awhile since i have been on know the usual school and being depressed and mentally drained and tired all the time but enough of that.....

    so i was listening to music and looking at pics of seonghwa and was thinking about what song makes me think about him.....

    so basically you are just sharing the song or songs that make you think or expresses how you feel about you doesn't matter if its related to kpop or not its YOUR CHOICE.......
    i will go first
    Ariana grande/doja cat remix - say so n go
    bazzi - mine and beautiful
    chris brown ft drake - no guidance but the slowed down version different feel to it
    Chungha - stay tonight
    Dej loaf - no fear
    Doja cat - say so both original and slowed
    Ella mai - trip
    Harry styles - adore you
    Jackboys, travis scott, don toliver - what to do

    Jhene aiko, rae sremmurd - sativa
    Joji - slow dancing in the dark
    Kai - mmmh both original and slowed cause it hit different
    Khalid, 6lack,Ty dolla sign - otw
    Monsta x - misbehave
    Nct - 7th sense
    imma just stop right here cause im getting carried away lol...but yeah that's not even half of the songs but ill stop myself from going any