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  • The word Ateez reminds me of the word ... SNEEZE hahaha I don't think I've ever listened to them before is there a song that you absolutely love? Cause I wanna listen to it too :O

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    • well since you don't know them that well......will start off with something small.......one of my favorite songs from ateez is pirate king......which is their debut song

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    • Are they singing about the future Pirate King Luffy? XD

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    • :pepe-hehe: no lol....

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  • Who is that in your dp? he looks really cool :o

    • honestly.... I don't know but i think its jungkook.....but imma change it lol...

    • Are you changing it because you don't know who it is? :O

    • maybeee :eyes: .....but is that a bad thing??

    • Is it bad to keep it? :S

    • The frick those were for an upside down smiley? : S ??