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    I think it's funny how blinks are unashamed about this when all 2022 many of you in this very thread discredited Left and Right. It's the shifting of narratives now that your own bias is quite frankly benefiting from the #1 artist on Spotify who even some of you are aware has a heavy payola machine once he finds any excuse to get back in the game.

    But just to point out some inconsistencies with many of blinks pov that Jennie's part went viral and it went viral around the time of You and Me. That is a verifiable lie.

    It was a flat plateau during Oct 1 - Nov 3


    Abel revved up the playlisting on Nov 6 and it hit an all time spike on playlist reach on Jan 12. None of those dates correlates with Jennie or her own song that is no where on any charts. The Weekend just needed any excuse to turn up the machine to break Spotify monthly listeners and blinks gave him that even though OOTG never entered Apple Music in the early stages of this new found virality. It is primarily only doing well on Spotify. Not Youtube, not AM, not even Tik Tok that is being used as the main reason why it's taking off.

    What blinks are claiming is viral

    What true virality looks like

    Before Nov 6, The Weekend only had 2 songs charting on Spotify now he has 5 songs on Spotify Global to help boost his ml because Abel is chart obsessed too if no one knew and he was watching Taylor Swift getting close in being the #1 artist on Spotify.

    Back to Jennie. It would be one thing if she had at least accomplished just one of the achievement blinks harassed Jungkook for before his feature with Charlie Puth (he was able to debut #3 on Spotify Global and Hot 100 at #95 with a webtoon OST that he never promoted all before Left and Right ever happened) but blinks did not care. Now you guys are being hypocrites while your own favs who never even achieved any of this on her own and are gagging about mls that she's getting while 88% of all her streams+mls are coming from The Weekend.


    Remove this from Jennie's current mls and that's where she's truly at with her own songs


    This is so unserious and proves that not only did Lily Rose Depp end Blackpink and soon BTS, when she has no musical career to speak of, all of her mls are coming from the #1 artist on Spotify's platform. This should make blinks not gloat but they still will because they are shameless and would drag anyone else if they were getting the same treatment Jennie was getting. But since it's their bias, all is fair and right in the world. The goalposts always shift in blinkland once it's their bias being spotlighted in something.