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    Everything I said is rumor and that is what I heard from other people.

    Actually there is a lot of rumor going around of why izone didn't get extension.

    The reason why wizone expecting a extension is because that kwiz know some insider and they said that all the agency actually agree 2 more years of contract extension. Also, there is actually many moment that hinted us that they are going to continue as izone.

    However, when wizone heard the news from Mnet that they going to disband in April, a lot of wizone got shocked and start to reason why they didn't get the extension that they heard from the insider.

    Some of the rumor saying that the reason is because Starship, 8D and Yuehwa 's sudden disagreement. However, there is also some rumor going around that CJ actually the one who suddenly back off and don't want to go with the contract extension of izone. The reason is that they choose Girl Planet 999 over izone due to the produce scandal and want to start fresh(new rig show I see).

    There is more to it. Court want to take back Produce trademark due the the rigged scandal. That mean CJ can no longer use anything related to Produce anymore. Therefore, ioi, izone, wanna one and x1 no longer able reunion so izone need to disband as well.

    I only know a few Iz*One stans, but most of them were expecting the concert to be the disband concert. The contract extension was always a long shot.

    Not saying that I want an extension, but rather a proper disband.

    Their contract is probably until mid April because izone debut on late October.

    The concert is their last concert, but didn't thought that it is their last activity as well.

    I was hoping for a disband album and I'm sure that it can break 700k

    I'm fine with them disband, but why disband them early and no disband album? I think these disband album clearly a must and why disband them early when they suppose to have at least until mid April?

    1. CJ didn't tell us beforehand that the concert suppose to be disband concert

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    2. CJ told wizone to record this slowly journey(one of izone song) to surprised izone, but never told us it is used that way. Wizone are the one surprised at the end.

    3. Without beforehand notice they suddenly told us that they will end all activities in April 3 days before the concert.

    4. and also they let izone member announce their disbandment during the concert? what the heck?

    5. and based on some other info, It look like izone member didn't know they will disband during the concert. dog shit company

    6. They never told wizone that Panorama is their last comeback

    Anyway. the main point of this post is to tell you how shit this is and why wizone are extremely sad and angry about CJ. Also, CJ being dogshit company.