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    When the first post spreading false information was posted, I was so taken aback that my body tensed up from the unfairness. The very next day, even after the [person] contacted me to plead for mercy, it was difficult to shake off the unfair feelings.
    I decided to be lenient/agree to let them go, but after that, I was again taken aback by the situation in which malicious articles appeared, and photos and words that were irrelevant to the situation became circulating as if they were true.
    The truth that Internet decided to throw away and the continuous rebuttal and claims made me skeptical and disillusioned about the 26 years of life that I led.

    As a result, I learned that a person who claimed to be a New Zealand alumni had arbitrarily stolen the photo without permission from another alumni. It is true that they attended the same school, but I've never met him face-to-face, it was not true that I went to the norebang with him, let alone the fact that I beat him up. The person who wrote the post has also deleted all false posts and is checking if it is possible to handle this properly through acquaintances. Also, I would like to emphasize that what I want is not apology or deletion by coercion or intimidation.

    When I was in elementary school, it's true that I played football, a sport that I enjoyed so much, at the gym, but there was no instances which I forcibly tackled or assaulted people at the gym. And I transferred to Bucheon in the second semester of the third year of elementary school. Also, there was not a single instance where I extorted money or rode a motorcycle.
    (t/n: in the previous post, we translated as OP was the transferred student in the post as the sentence had no subject, but it was actually JBG that was transferred)

    I was a student who dreamed to become a soccer player and who was really playful and optimistic. Just like everyone, I had close friends and friends who weren't close. I also know that I can't freely erase the memories with those people I wasn't close with. However, there was nothing I could do when I got maliciously framed because of things I didn't do with just one irrelevant picture and post. Over the last few days, I've been having thoughts that I shouldn't have but I held back.
    They deleted the malicious article and the account so why do I have to be the target of this volatile report every time and every moment?
    The reason I've been cautious about giving a feedback is the fact that my explanations might become another arrow and a tool to assort in another 'novel'.
    It's overwhelming to deal with a situation where I get misunderstood for things I didn't even do with just a few photos and words.
    I am unable to respond to anonymous false reports and malicious articles, and have requested an investigation. Please wait.

    original post: here

    1. (t/n: this comment is being copy pasted by everyone in the comment section)
    1. First of all, even before checking the facts, they already contacted the victim and threatened them and then came out with the statement (t/n: when they say victim/OP, they're talking about the victimofmr_cho account)
    2. The victim originally took the picture of his dyed hair from Facebook (OP didn't use it to prove he was a student, but that he indeed had dyed hair)
    + OP already proved that he was a student with all the IDs that he showed
    3. There are currently about 10 victims from elementary school, middle school and his New Zealand high school who shared testimonies that are all congruent with each other
    4. It was already revealed by himself that during the first round of his clarifications, he lied (T/n: about not being in NZ in 2011 and not having dyed hair)
    5. There is nothing about his clarifications that is clear. He's not specific talking about who is asking for leniency and which parts were lies. All he's doing is complaining about his feelings.
    I don't understand why I'm so restless looking at his postㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    2. If it's true that they attended the same school, is it even important whether they stole the school photos or not then? If I wanted to prove something and had no proofs, of course I'd go around trying to find some proofs. And what is important is that the original OP's student ID wasn't stolen ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What we want to know is whether you committed school violence or not. Why doesn't he focus on the New Zealand claims instead of dragging about what happened in middle school in Anyang?

    3. The 2nd victim from New Zealand already said that he took pictures from the athletic meetings from Facebook to search for proofs though.
    That's because the Jo princess fangirls were going on and on about how Jo princess wasn't in New Zealand in 2011 and he had to prove that he was indeed in New Zealand in 2011.
    He looked through Facebook and he found the pictures of him at that time on Facebook and posted them as proofs and he already explained everything himself.
    How is [saying he stole pictures] going to help with anything? Is he claiming that everything is false because OP 'stole' someone's pictures? He said himself that they were schoolmates so saying he stole pictures is just bizarre.
    "If you have relatives in New Zealand, you can confirm it yourself. Usually, for a year cook, you would take pictures from term 3 to term 4 in them. You would take pictures from Form class (?) so there are pictures of you doing sports and stuff like that. That's why I don't have any picture of JBG (t/n: because he went back during term 2). As a proof, I have pictures of him in February 2011, during the beginning of the semester in our athletic gathering(?) that I found on Facebook. Semesters start in February in New Zealand and during term 1 we would always have athletic meeting" (full transcript here)

    4. OP was looking for proofs online and found pictures someone else posted online, is this considered theft now? And why is him stealing others pictures even important? OP gave feedback on everything he tried to bury down and from everything people inquired about. Is this all he's going to say after waiting so many days..

    5. ㅋㅋㅋ If all the claims against him were false, then our entire country's target is Jo Byung Gyu

    6. And where are his proofs?

    7. What about your proofs?

    8. Look at him trying to nitpick on the "photo theft"ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's quite smart trying to divert the attentionㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is exactly why assailants are assailants after all, even when the victims have finally exposed everything and shown all the proofs, you can be a popular assailant, have no proofs and just claim that nothing was true to make people believe you ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    9. This is basically what he did: he got a lawyer after OP, got them to delete all their posts and accounts, tied their hands and feet together and waited. Then he came out without any specific explanation or rebuttal and claimed that all~ of this was a setup due to jealousy and jealousy alone.
    Then he turned the photographs that gave all the credibility to the victims' testimonies into "theft" and "no evidence".

    10. The victims dug up painful memories to prove how much they've suffered, and they struggled writing down all those sentences.... They gave the clear timeline where everything happened and even did their best to prove everything that happened in detail.. Meanwhile, he's there complaining about how his pictures were "stolen" but gives us no prove that they were actually stolen. What's worse is that he was already caught for lying before, so does he think that we will be easily convinced with him just saying "it's not true"?ㅋㅋㅋ I'm seriously at loss of words... How nice must it be to be a celebrity~

    11. Just shut up and let's wait for the investigation. All the victims' accounts match with each others' so we'll judge what's true after, this is getting f*cking tiring

    12. He's here ranting about his pictures being stolen, if the victim was trying to find proofs to prove his point and make us believe him, what's the importance of whether they were stolen or not? He's here saying things without a single proof and ranting about how unfair and taken aback he is

    13. Where are your proofs?

    14. At this point, he needs to prove to us how all the claims against him were wrong

    15. What a messy statement, who will believe this? Unless you're a dumb shielder

    16. Did I misunderstand all this? OP had to prove that JBG was indeed in NZ during that time and that what JBG was claiming was false. He was able to prove with but not only with pictures though? Why is he focusing on the fact that his pictures were stolen?

    17. He needs to show us his passport and graduation book then..... That will be a more believable clarification. He's just here complaining about how unfair it is for him and beating around the bush

    18. Aren't you going to clarify why you lied in the first place too?

    19. What about when you lied about the first victim? Why didn't you mention that once?

    20. So the pictures were stolen? But why would that be important? Doesn't that proves even more that what OP said was true then? And he was lying about him leaving NZ in November when he refuted the first post....

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