Ducky Mioda's Signature Shop

  • Hello and welcome to my signature shop! Here, you can request that I make a signature for yourself. I've posted some examples of what you can expect in the spoiler below:

    Please note that I'll charge you 70 Akorns if you request that I make a signature for you. Now, when requesting a signature here, I'd like you to use this form:

    Username: (Your username goes here.)

    Pick a letter from A to C:

    What's the name of one of your favorite K-pop groups?:

    What's the title of one of your favorite K-pop songs?:

    Who's your ultimate bias?: (Leave this field blank if you don't have one.)

    What colors do you want to use in your signature?:

    Any other requests for your sig?:

    Note that I'll try to do your requests within 3-4 days from when your request's made, and that the size of my signatures is 550 by 150 pixels, but anyway, you may request below now if you've got at least 70 Akorns :yesr: !

  • Can u make any sigs basing from our demands? I mean not from those options but on how we like it to look like or you'll only make based from the 3 options?

    Even though I'll make sigs based on the 3 examples that I gave in this thread's first post, you can request that I use specific colors when making your sig. And yes, you can make additional demands by filling in the "Any other requests for your sig?" field of my form :yesr: .

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