[DN] Lisa has Covid and Rosé came into contact with a confirmed case

  • source: BLACKPINK Lisa tests positive for Covid + Rosé comes into contact with a confirmed case

    BLACKPINK Lisa tests positive for Covid + Rosé comes into contact with a confirmed case
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    Article: BLACKPINK's Lisa, confirmed with Corona 19... "Waiting for other members' test results"

    Source: SBS

    BLACKPINK's Lisa has tested positive for Covid-19.


    On 24th, YG confirmed, "Lisa was diagnosed with covid this afternoon. The other members have yet to be classified as coming into contact with a confirmed case at the time we received Lisa's positive test however they underwent PCR tests and we're currently awaiting the results. We have taken preemptive measures that exceed guidelines set by authorities and are sharing relevant information with officials."

    However, according to an exclusive report by iMBC, Rosé came into close contact with a confirmed case and is currently in quarantine. As a result, she won't be able to attend scheduled events.


    1. [+188, -6] I'm not an idol fan or anything but when did Lisa break quarantine rules? She followed quarantine rules when visiting the U.S and in Korea she always wore a mask and quarantined so why is she getting hate? They were told to get a vaccine and they did. They did everything they were required to do. The vaccine isn't some magical drug so why is she getting cursed just because she tested positive?
    2. [+159, -21] Members didn't come into close contact with a confirmed case either and Lisa has been working while following quarantine rules the entire time. She did nothing wrong!
    3. [+158, -77] But another idol can go bowling with 5 people with no mask and go to restaurants to drink and play right...
    4. [+108, -2] This is why overseas activities are still impossible to do just yet..
    5. [+102, -3] YG clearly said in their official statement the other three didn't come into close contact with a confirmed case.
    6. [+87, -2] It's not guaranteed you won't get it just because you got the vaccine. Many celebrities got the vaccine but still got infected. This is the highest record ever recorded because the whole world is catching it now. We need to start treating corona like we would a common cold at this point because cases are only going to keep increasing..
    7. [+73, -1] Breakthrough infections are scary..
    8. [+69, -3] Please come back healthy. I hope the other members don't get infected either.
    9. [+43, -130] I knew this would happen after she got caught at an event in a foreign club in a meme that has been circulating where she's not wearing a mask..

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