SHARKY's MACHINE (1981 Movie) <-- Appreciated for (BIDEN) USA President Inauguration ; 2021.01.20

  • For me , RACHEL WARD in 'SHARKY's MACHINE' (1981 Movie) is always a GOOD VIEW on USA PRESIDENT *INAUGURATION* DAY (2021.01.20)'s_Machine

    'SHARKY's MACHINE' (1981 Movie) ; Info

    And even (pay service) CINEMAX agrees somewhat , as they have scheduled

    'SHARKY's MACHINE' for (morning) 9am New York (USA) Time

    on the SAME DAY as BIDEN's INAUGURATION (2021.01.20). It is also

    available 'on demand' via (pay service) HULU and many others.

    RACHEL WARD ; Info

    RACHEL WARD is a wonderful visual , and she does well

    in the Acting aspect too ... Currently , Ms. WARD is *still* married

    (from Year 1983) to her HUSBAND (Bryan Brown , who has my ENVY).

    For me , the scene with the *CHIN BROTHERS*

    is rather amusing (nothing is REAL , right ?)

    I *wish* that I could locate VIDEO on YouTube , no luck on it ...

    But this is my best RECALL of the dialog (good enough) ...

    Corrupt Cop SMILEY has the 'drop' on Good Cop SHARKY -->

    SHARKY: It figures that it would be YOU , SMILEY , you BLEEP ...

    SMILEY: Yes, SHARKY , and we are SERIOUS about needing

    to KNOW where the GIRL is (Rachel Ward) ... So , the CHINS are going

    to CHOP OFF *one* of your FINGERS now , to start ... (Chop Chop) ...

    SMILEY: Oh SHARKY , that MUST HURT , you can CRY if you want ??? ...


    Go figure how that MCCONNELL is feeling these days (2 GA USA Senators GONE).

    The END of the movie has a 'USA Southern State' GOVERNOR (*BILL CLINTON* clone)

    saying ... "And *I AM ACCOUTABLE* (to voters , as the winner , over and over)" ...

    As to IF that JOE BIDEN will be *Accountable* IF that *more* BARBARIANS do

    break into the (USA) DC CAPITOL BUILDING ??? ... STAY TUNED !!! ... ;)

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