If we compare K-POP to Premier League which GG's are in TOP 6?

  • If we compare K-POP to Premier League which GG's are in TOP 6?

    This doesn't have an additional "ranking" meaning. No need to say "my favs are better" etc.

    Also if we are using comparisons like that then Brave Girls are clearly Leicester City, a group from outside of TOP 6 which managed to catch a form and outscore bigger teams.

    As well we can also say that those six girl groups are fighting for nominations, then awards in Award Ceremonies, just the way Premier League clubs are fighting for Champions League, and Europa League, and result in FPL itself.

    For me those girl groups are:

    Blackpink, TWICE, Mamamoo, Oh My Girl, Red Velvet

    and here is where my problem begins because I would wrote IZ*ONE but sadly well using football comparison again... this team was relegated.

    And I really struggle to decide who to place here I mean with everything what's going on and taking companies into consideration ITZY sounds like an safer pick but I don't want to drop out (G)I-DLE just like that.

    What are your thoughts?

  • where are all fans of groups like Dreamcatcher, WJSN, Idle, ITZY etc.

    do you think that 2021 comebacks of those groups might change something in top 6?

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