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  • I like more and more now, but I'm not gonna lie and say I liked it in the beginning. The one reason I was disappointed in M&M was that after seeing the first teaser (nayeon&mina intro part) was a completely different side and vibe from twice we seen so far. After feel special I thought they were going into a more mature sound, so I was liking the sound of the teaser and kept replaying it. Then the other teaser came out and it was different from what I thought the song would be like. I later came around to liking it, because it is a good song. It not their best nor their worst song for me. The only thing I still don't like about is the rap and some of the instrumentals at some parts.

    Though I did lowkey wanted sweet summer day to be the title. :shyr:

    Ooof, that'd be the day.

    JYPE letting Twice write the title track.

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