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  • I was wondering "How are Akorns Managed/ Treated in AKP?'"

    More specifically, I see elements of in-game currency (shop, handouts from the system), but users are able to trade akorns between each other like a currency tied to economy.

    Are Akorns able to be manipulated like currency ( real world economics, nat'l interest rate, Budgeting, inflation/deflation) or is this more like a hybrid, similar to that seen in CS:GO, where players are able to buy and sell between each other, but since it is an open ended currency, value of a unit of currency is fixed or irrelevant; only the value of goods compared to the unit of currency is relevant?

    ---tbh I think its like 99% going to be the latter but I just wanted to make sure in case I wanted to flex my runescape muscles and set up shop.

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