Aespa energy and personality รท 2021 carrer ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ”ฎ

  • KARINA: This girl is someone with very powerful and strong feminime energy. Her impression is also who she actually is. She looks mature, and a true diva. She is young, youthful and inexperienced. She is artistic and friendly. She is also very loving. She enjoys nature and animals. She is sensitive and she loves to take the lead. She is considerate and caring. I have only great things for her. She might be a bit young and childish because of lack of experience.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    Even with her mature diva impression she might still have to deal with her naive ignorant side of her, She might not know and feel like blindfolded. She might deal with things that are not going how she wants it to be. and with disappointments. She is slow and loyal to herself.

    GISELLE: This person might deal with fears and confusion. She is sensitive and feels personally attacked very quickly. She is intuitive and she needs more knowledge and lessons to grow emotionally. Creating new insights and ideas. She is smart and curious about new information. She is honest and she might be impulsive.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    She is stuck in her daydreams and options. She has taken time to reflect and need some alone time. She feels uncertain and is dreaming about how she could impress others and how to make people like her. I feel she was sad but she is trying to look at what she has and she is still wanting to show her shining and great side of her to the public eye.

    WINTER: She is a hard working woman, she might have ended a difficult situation. and itโ€™s time to let go of her past. She is feeling sad and lost about what happened. I do see that she is someone who doesnโ€™t share her pain or problems with others. She wants to solve it on her own and help others instead. She might feel needy or useless if she is asking others to help her. She is now ready for a new beginning (new chapter) of her life. She is a dreamer and loves to dream and imagine and fantasize about things. She might write her own dreams and fantasy in her sort of diary. She might also be a very mysterious and private person cus spirit/angels donโ€™t want to say more about her.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    She will be very successful and will always move forward. She is harvesting her future goals and it is grounded and stable. She will also have 2 options to choose. In what kind of skills she is going to focus on.

    NINGNING: She is someone who shows a lot of maturity and she has kind of some sort of knowledge in some topics. She is logical, organized and disciplined. She might deal with conflicts and competition, cus she is competitive, that side of her causes sometimes turmoil and misunderstandings with other people. She has willpower and is open, self-disciplined. She is serious and strict but also caring for others and is a stable person who will support others when they feel down.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    She might feel emotioneel or insecure about her relationship with a masculine figure, he is very charming. it might be codependent and not equally give and take. She is finally understanding that she might longer feel trapped and can walk away from the illusions that she had about him. She has many options for her available and she is going to take it (love life and career).

    career 2021: They will definitely dominate the 4th gen together with other popular groups. I see big potential in them. In 2021 Their upcoming songs (CB) will be a hit. that will reach new records. Birth for a new era. exploring for new things. New unique music will come. There will still be people who are trying to drag the girls down because of the popularity. Misinformation that will leak but they will be very successful.

  • Right I'm noticing she's been whipped for Karina lately I don't blame her

    Exactly, especially when A whole Queen Karina is an effortless queen :lover2:

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