If Laboum's supporters had pushed Aalow Aalow instead of Jouney to Atlantis, Laboum would have humilated IU again

  • Out of Laboum's songs, Journey to Atlantis is the best known.

    So, Laboum's supporters began to push that song, which is now at #203 or so in the Melon chart.

    However, the problem with Journey to Atlantis is that it was already somewhat known. Not a major hit, but it was discussed for quite a while, so there was nothing 'new' about that song.

    Aalow Aalow was less known, so it would have created a bigger wave.

    But viditor, the guy who pushed Brave Girls out from dungeon, had posted the video of Shooting for Love instead.

    So, instead of pushing one single song, the force of Laboum's supporters were divided into three songs; Journey, Aalow and Shooting.

    It is already too late to turn directions. Journey has been pushed, and moving the push to Aalow will do little good now since it will just tire the supporters.

    That is the danger of a late blooming song; it should have been almost unknown so it would be 'new' to most listeners. If a song is somewhat known already, it is hard to push that again because the song has already made some impression to the listeners whose perceptions would not change.

    If Aalow had been pushed I think Laboum might have humiliated IU again, but 'miracles' do not occur again

  • Idk what are you talking. But journey to Atlantis is the perfect song to go viral. Have that lollin type chorus and the vibe is also similar.

    The problem is it has been somewhat known for a while, and will not create a sudden explosion.

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