probably the only fan that looks at groups and idols as entertainers/comedians first then performers/musicians second. might be the reason why i never got roped into the whole surrender to the hive mind and become a zealot for x group or idol thing. i had

  • to wait a year and a half for nmixx to finally release a good song(just did it) and then followed up with roller coaster which i'd say is one of the best songs this year. don't know what the hell party o clock is supposed to be though. guess it's just a sign that i might have to wait another 2 years or something for another dope track but i don't really mind since i enjoy all their variety stuff and vlogs anyway. i'm not singling out nmixx or anything. pretty much do this with a bunch of other girl groups. i like the gg style of silly, goofy, relatively wholesome brand of humor compared to the raunchy, dirty, racy, edgy, more social commentary approach that they do in the west but i can still appreciate adult oriented humor. just can't help but look at kpop groups in this manner even though the orthodox way of being a stan has always been to worship the very ground these idols walk on and defend them to death whether you're right or wrong on whatever the issue is at the moment. like how am i supposed to take them super seriously when they keep doing whatever that is they're doing below. i can't help but laugh and have a good time lol


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