Do you think ENHYPEN will stay the best selling active 4th gen group with an debut album this year?

  • Curious because there are lots of new groups debuting this year. So far EN- have the best selling debut album of 4th gen active groups with over 379k sold. Border : Day One might as well end up selling over 425k-450k by the end of this year.

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    What do you think?

  • I hope so :siptear:

    If SM is debuting a new NCT group they might overthrow it though (but do new NCT units count? they're still NCT). Who else is debuting boy groups?

    If they don't have any past NCT members probably but if they did, they probably might not count.

    SM is debuting new boy group, non NCT.

    Other potentials are from survival shows this year.

    I-LAND S2

    Girls Planet 999


  • I guess maybe the girl planet group if the show is successful, since it'll have chinese + japanese members?

    Yeah Korea+China+Japan combined. I think this show will end up huge in the end because people are still going to pay attention and there is also a curious factor to it. Mnet is good with drama and promotional tactic as well.

    This show is exactly Produce X I-land mixed up. Let's see how it goes.

    I feel like I-land S2 might pushed back to 2022 somehow because of Girls Planet 999. Mnet would not want two of their rookies to go against each other and at the same time Belift Lab also debuting a new group this year. So, I wonder how both survival shows going to take off if it's this year.

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