LIL LEAGUE is joining EXILE TRIBE, wich means they have 64 members now (!) - NCT will never beat this !!

  • Prior to LIL LEAGUE's debut their MV was released today 2 days before they actually debut and it was revealed trought a new Spotify-account that they are joining the largest boygroup of the world. EXILE TRIBE has 58 members right now will be 64 if LIL LEAGUE joins them. With the 7 members who left the group and the one trainee who had passed away some years ago it would make them 72 people large in total (!)

    LIL LEAGUE is now the 9th group under EXILE TRIBE and since their youngest is 13 at the moment, turning 14 this year he wich gives an almost 31 year age gap to the curently oldest member

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