• I. Introduction

    Venus is the debut Japanese album by South Korean boy group Astro. It was released on April 3, 2019 by Universal Music. It contains six tracks including the title track "Hanasake Mirai" as well as Japanese versions of previous title tracks "Baby", "Always You", and "All Night".

    II. Commercial Performance

    Venus has sold more than 30,000 copies since it's release and peaked at number 3 on the Japan Oricon Album Chart.

    III. Tracklist

    Title Lyrics Rap Making Composer Arrangement
    Always You BLACK EDITION JinJin Duble Kick, Yoske, Bull$EyE, EastWest, Design88
    Hanasake Mirai Kazuto Narumi
    Baby Jinri, Glory Face JinJin, Rocky Code 9
    I Love You Carlos K., WA!ZE
    All Night Cho Yun Kyoung LDN Noise, Kyler Niko
    I'm On Your Side SoichiroK, Nozomu.S

    Hanasake Mirai

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