Snow Man

  • Snow Man is a 9 member boygroup under Johnny & Associates (also known as Johnny's Entertainment) and Avex. The group was formerly know as a sub-unit of the trainee group Johnny's Jr. The group made their debut on the 22nd of January, 2020. Snow Man debuted on the same day as the group SixTONES who is also under Johnny's. The idea of debuting both groups together made them the most sucessfull groups in Johnny's-history.

    Snow man is the best selling Japanese rookie group since the debut of boygroup KAT-TUN in 2006. Since their debut Snow Man sold more than 7.3 million CDs in Japan. In 2021 their first studio album 'Snow Mania S1' sold more than 821K times making it the best selling first week for an album in Japanese history.


    Originaly Snow Man was formed out of an a stageplay group that was active since 2009 consisting out of Ryota, Tatsuya, Daisuke, Shota, Hikaru and Ryohei. They were officialy announced as trainees to become a boygroup in the year of 2012.

    During their time as trainees the member were active as background dancers for different Johnny's-groups as for example Tackey & Tsubasa, Kis-My-Ft2 and A.B.C-Z. The group also regularly apeard in stageplays as like Dream Boys and Takizawa Kabuki and also in 2015 in the movie Shonen-tachi that originated from a stageplay. Since all member are also good in acrobatics they were sometimes also refered to as 'the craftsman group' and many of their senior groups wished to have them as back up dancers. Altho the group was also known as the best dancers in Johnny's it was almost not possible for them to make a debut as boygroup together. Later in 2019 Raul, Koji and Ren joined the group as new trainees.

    In the end of 2019 Snow Man and 11 other boygroups under Johnny's made their first real public apearance as full 9 member group trought a new online show called 'Island TV' wich is a streaming service specialy designed for Johny's artists in wich different groups are having live streams for their fans.

    Shortly before Johnny's founder Johnny Kitagawa passed away, Snow Man was announced to debut. This was one of the last wishes Kitagawa had on his hospital bed before passing. Their debut along side the debut of SixTONES was announced on August 8th, 2020. Folling Snow Man graduated from Johnny's Jr. and opend up their own Youtube channel on December 25th, 2019.

    Debut and after:

    After debuting Snow Man mad their first overseas apearance on the 'Japan Expo Thailand 2020'. Their Asia tour titled 'Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D' wich should've taken place in Japan and 4 other countries was later on cancled due to COVID-19.

    In March 2020, Snow Man got their own TV show called 'Sore Snow Man ni Yarasete Kudasai'. The show was surprisingly revealed on the group's Youtube channel in February 2020. The first episode was aired on the channel TBS on March 25th, 2020. However later in the same month Hikaru announced a break from the group following a drinking scandal he had during the time as trainee in 2017. Hikaru apologized later on saying he was around underaged girls at that time. Altho the other member had nothing to do with it, they also apologized to their fans on the music program 'CDTV Live Live' about Hikaru's scandal. On July 1st, Hikaru was officialy announced to be back.

    In April 2020, Snow man released a theme song for the anime 'Black Clover' titled 'Stories'. In May Snow Man was announced to be part of a temorary unit called 'Twenty Twenty' consisting out of 75 idols under Johnny's to perform a song for charity. The song titled 'smile' was made during that project to raise awarness against the Corona Virus.

    Later that year Snow man stared in a movie realated to the stageplay Takizawa Kabuki wich was released on December 5th, 2020.

    In December member Ryota was diagonosed with COVID-19 and the group's New Years performance was cancled.

    In January 5th, 2021 Snow Man released another opening to the anime Black Clover titled 'Grandeur'.

    In April 2021 Daisuke made an apearance as voice actor in the Japanese dub of the Chinese animated movie 'White Snake'. It was his second time voice acting after having a role in Black Clover. The themesong for White Snake called 'Yuan' was re-done in a Japanese version by Snow Man.

    In August 2021, Snow man announced to stared in a live action movie of the anime 'Mrs. Osomatsu'. The movie will air in Spring 2022 in Japan. In the same month Snow Man announced the release of their first studio album 'Sow Mania S1' wich came out on September 29th.

    In September Ren apeared as actor in the drama adatption of the manga 'My Love Mix-Up!' Snow man also did the themesong 'Secret Touch' for the drama.


    Murakami Maito Raul (村上真都ラウール)

    Born: June 23th, 2003
    Height: 1,90m
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper
    Fukasawa Tatsuya (深澤辰哉)

    Born: May 5th, 1992
    Height: 1,75m
    Position: Vocalist
    Meguro Ren (目黒蓮)

    Born: February 16th, 1997
    Height: 1,85m
    Position: Vocalist
    Iwamoto Hikaru (岩本照)

    Born: May 17th, 1993
    Height: 1,82m
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Leader
    Miyadate Ryota (宮舘涼太)

    Born: March 25, 1993
    Height: 1,74m
    Position: Vocalist
    Watanabe Shota (渡辺翔太)

    Born: November 5th, 1992
    Height: 1,72m
    Position: Vocalist
    Abe Ryohei (阿部亮平)

    Born: November 27th, 1993
    Height: 1,78m
    Position: Vocalist
    Mukai Koji (向井康二)

    Born: Jujy 21st, 1994
    Height: 1,75m
    Position: Vocalist
    Sakuma Daisuke (佐久間大介)

    Born: July 5th, 1992
    Height: 1,68m
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper