• Stage Name: Denise
    Birth Name: Denise Kim

    Korean Name: Kim Jinsil

    Position: Temporary Leader, Main Vocalist, Maknae

    Birthday: January 11, 2001

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    Blood Type: O

    II. Denise Facts

    -She was born in Houston, Texas, USA. (Interview with Dive Studio)
    -She was announced as the new temporary Leader (in January 2021).
    -She is a former trainee under YG Entertainment.
    -She can play the guitar.
    -She joined YG in 2016.
    -She is the 2nd tallest member.
    -She appeared in Kpop Star 5.
    -She was born in the USA.
    -She can play the guitar.
    -In Kpop Star 5 she was part of The group “Mazinga”.
    -She released 4 Singles on her official SoundCloud.
    -She was the second member to be revealed.
    -MBTI: INFJ A/T.
    -Shoe size: 250 mm.
    -Favorite Food: pancakes.
    -Favorite Color: Blue.
    -Favorite Animal: Whale.
    -Hobby: taking pictures.
    -Favorite Season: Winter.
    -Favorite TV Show: The Office.
    -Favorite Scent: Vanilla.
    -Her favorite artists are Tori Kelly, The Band CAMINO, The 1975, and Panic! AT The Disco.
    -She likes Blackpink.
    -She has a dog and a rabbit for pets.
    -Her favorite K-Pop groups are EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN, THE BOYZ, ATEEZ.
    -Her role model is Tori Kelly.
    -She idolized Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande when she was younger. (Interview with Dive Studio)
    -She is allergic to cats but still loves them anyways.
    -Denise participated on “King of Masked Singer” ep. 283-284 and even managed to be the challenger.
    -Her favorite video game is Kingdom Hearts.
    -Dita, Soodam & Denise are roommates.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)