Delta (QODES)

  • Stage Name: Delta (델타/Δέλτα)

    Birth Name: Go Youkyung (고유경)

    Position: Main Vocalist

    Birthday: June 28, 1997

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    II. Career

    I. 2018–2019: AZM

    You Kyung debuted as a member of AZM with the digital single "E.D.G.E'' on March 2, 2018.

    Unfortunately, on November 2, 2019, she confirmed that all of the members had left Innok Entertainment.

    II. 2020–present: Qodes

    Sometime in 2020, You Kyung, now known as Delta, joined EJ Music.

    On January 21, 2021, she announced that she will be making her debut in a new four-member girl group called QODES.

    The group debuted on February 1, 2021.

    III. Delta Facts

    – She can also rap.

    – She admires Jessie J.

    – She thinks that her attractive points are her single eyelids

    – She can speak Portuguese.

    – She wants to visit Brazil.

    – She used to do charity work while being in AZM.

    – Hobbies: exercising, writing diaries, online shopping, making her own fashion show at home.

    – Favorite food: cake.

    – She is known for her husky voice.

    – She entered many singing competitions in middle school and high school and won a lot of prizes.

    – She won the silver prize at a singing competiton.

    – She described her vocals as powerful.

    – She likes hip hop a lot.

    – Delta’s favorite song from season 1 is Nu Shoes because the rap is very good, but she likes LALALA and Like You as well.

    – Her favorite movies are Believer (2018) and Avengers: Endgame.

    – She’s into horror movies.

    – She prefers dogs to cats.

    – She prefers mountain to beach.